A Little (Free) Light Reading For the Season

My pal Karen Healey (who was just nominated for the Morris Award — an award given to debut YA authors — congrats, Karen!) wanted me to let you know about a new project she and some other writers have put together this month, called the December Lights Project. In Karen’s words:

Feel-good, PG-ish rated short stories from spec fic authors, available to read online and updating throughout December. It’s all totally free, no advertising, no nothing – just a gift to our readers, since they are awesome. Upcoming authors include Leah Cypess, Sherwood Smith, Sarah Prineas and Marie Brennan.

So there you have it: Free fiction for you — because you are awesome. If you knew you were getting free stuff out of it, I bet you would have been awesome earlier, right? Yes, exactly. Go check out the stories and have fun. Here’s Karen’s story to get you started.



4 Comments on “A Little (Free) Light Reading For the Season”

  1. Oh thank the gods! A break away from the normal fan-fic sites to writing done by writers who aren’t in their teens and haven’t graduated basic college english.

    John, you may have helped me take a step into the positive world of sanity. From the poor people like me,,,Thank You!

  2. So thank you for the link to Karen’s story and the rest, though I’ve only read Karen’s so far (it IS 2:56 in the a.m. and I have to leave for the so not 9-5). I found it smarmy in an Xmas sort of way, perfect for 12-15 girls for Oz. American girls of that age, on the whole, would consider themselves way too cool to read this sort of fantasy…no pale skinned, hollow eyed guys with glittering fangs to slip ogasmically into their slender necks! I do think, that Karen looks amazingly like Nicole Kidman playing a young NZ woman, nicely done indeed..

    Maybe I’ll send you a little something to read based on Karen’s story, but I don’t think you would find it in the holiday, “feel good” line.

    Cheers and thanks!

  3. Yeah we know how this works. “Hey kid, want a little fiction? It’s only a short story, no advertising … remember it’s free”. Next comes the novella, or if they are really hooked a complete novel. Soon they will be clamoring for cat pictures on your website. Yes a tried and true method … I can hear you cackle in your hidden compound gleefully rubbing your hands together, scarfing your bacon tartar and plotting oh the plotting. Scalzi you are a pusher … a word merchant, have you no shame?

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