Monday Morning Announcements

Quick things to remind you about:

* The Holiday Book Suggestion List is up to over 180 authors telling you about their books, which would be perfect for you to purchase during the holidays, for someone else, or even for you. If you’re looking for books, this is a great place for you to start.

* I’ll put up a thread for the “Everything Else Holiday Suggestion List” tomorrow. So be prepared!

* Also, remember if you’re looking to get signed, personalized books by me for the holidays, it’s best for you to get your order in by the end of this week, to assure the books will get to their intended recipient (or to you, and thence to their intended recipient) by the 25th. We’ll still be taking orders (and I’ll still be signing books) after the 10th, but after that date you take your chances with the United States Postal Service. And you know how they are.

* Also, also: In case you forgot, the mass market version of Agent to the Stars is now out in bookstores. If you hurry and buy a case or two, you can get me on the best seller list! (Note: given this is the busiest book-buying month of the year, it probably won’t hit the best seller lists. But buy a case or two anyway. Because you never know.)

* Remember how I said that the audio versions of Agent to the Stars and The Android’s Dream would be out December 9th? Yeah, well, I was wrong. They’re actually going to be out tomorrow. Tomorrow! And to celebrate, tomorrow I will have a special treat for you. Because I love you. In that “When I say ‘love’ I mean ‘somewhat like'” way, not the “When I say ‘love’ I mean ‘ZOMG LET’S MAKE BABIES'” way. But I think you knew that. Right?

6 Comments on “Monday Morning Announcements”

  1. Dude, spare a little love for the USPS. They’ve done a better job of getting the parts for my robot army to me on time and undamaged than any other delivery service I’ve used. If not for UPS you’d be shackled to a millstone by now, plotting your revenge with every grueling turn. (Yeah, okay, it’s not very imaginative. I’m busy with coding right now.)

    Anyway, they’re not Canada Post, so lay off.

  2. That Author Pimp thread was the best idea ever, my good sir! I have 47 Kindle samples to get through due to that. Thanks a ton.

  3. Awesome! I can’t wait until tomorrow. I don’t know quite why, but I’ll be excited anyways. Android’s Dream in audio, that is definitely exciting.

  4. Author pimp thread was very useful. Thank you!!

    Also showed which authors were a bit clueless (overly long, tediously filled w/glowing praise instead of having a useful synopsis of the contents). There was at least one author who gave the title of his book and description, and signed in with his/her first name, forcing folks to do research to find out his/her name.