The Android’s Dream and Agent to the Stars Out in Audio; Here’s a Sample

I’m deeply delighted to announce that Agent to the Stars and The Android’s Dream are now both available worldwide in audiobook form from

I’m even more delighted to announce that both books are read by none other than Wil Wheaton, the serving United States Secretary for Geek Affairs and a close personal friend.

And I’m even more delighted than that to announce that the job Wil did in reading both books is spectacular. I’m a pretty tough customer when it comes to audiobooks, especially ones made from my own works, and I’m here to tell you that Wil has nailed these to the wall. His narration has the right mix of sarcasm, wry observation and (when necessary) seriousness that tells these stories the way I would tell these stories — that is, if I had a voice for performance as good as Wil’s. Which I don’t. But that’s fine, because you have the actual Wil here for these things. See? Everyone wins.

But you don’t just have to take my word for it that Wil’s done a spectacular job, because embedded below is seven minutes of Wil’s narration of The Android’s Dream — specifically, the first part of Chapter Four, in which our hero Harry Creek does a little bit of computer hacking, has a conversation with an old friend, and has a couple of deep thoughts about his own past. In short, a good bit to give you a taste of how right Wil is as narrator. Enjoy.

And case you need them again, the links to these two books on Audible:

The Android’s Dream

Agent to the Stars

And here’s a link to the other audiobooks of mine available through Audible.

Oh, and, The God Engines? Coming out in audio form next week from Brilliance Audio. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you then.

30 Comments on “The Android’s Dream and Agent to the Stars Out in Audio; Here’s a Sample”

  1. People planning to kvetch about DRM/format: Please don’t; I find it really boring at this point. If you don’t plan to buy it because there’s DRM on it/it’s not in a format you prefer, that’s fine, but you don’t need to tell me about it, and the prospect of seeing another comment on the subject feels me with the same delight I’d feel dragging my tongue across a cheese grater.

  2. us Europeans are allowed to buy them too. Lucky I had 2 credits left to spend. YOu will be on the the list as soon as I finish Honor harrington.

  3. Are those exclusive to audible? I’m not as concerned about DRM, I just have a membership at eMusic, and don’t see any of your audiobooks there. I do consume a hell of a lot of audiobooks, so if it would mean anything to ask your publishers to try and cut a deal with eMusic, I’d probably give some of these a go.

  4. I’m not generally a fan of audiobooks – I usually prefer the voices in my head, thankyouverymuch – but Wil really does a great job with this, at least from the sample. He’s got a great voice for the material (I particularly like his interpretation of Todd, the “intelligent agent” – that’s pretty much how I heard it in my head reading it). Man, if these were my books, I’d be positively squeeing all over the place today.


  5. Josh Jasper:

    I don’t know what Audible’s relationship is with outside vendors. Audible signed these books directly, however (i.e., it’s not a distribution deal with Macmillan Audio). They may decide to keep them exclusive for a while at least.

  6. Wil was great on Boneshaker, and I very much enjoyed him on Metatropolis: Cascadia — his “Mock Turtle” voice was especially awesome.

  7. Out of curiosity, and I’m not trying to pry into any personal business, but I wanted to ask if you get a similar amount of revenue from audio books as you do from printed books. The business of book publishing seems to be getting more complex. I worked in a bookstore back in the 1980s, and I was interested in the choices publishers made with respect to hardbacks, trade paperbacks, and massmarket paperbacks. Now, with audiobooks, not just on CDs (or tapes for the really old-school folks like me) but also now in digital (audio and print) format distributed via the Internet with the consequent reduction in production costs, I wonder how authors are faring with the expanded number of venues for their work to be distributed.

  8. I got 3/4 of it before being Scalzi dotted as well (great term). Either way, I don’t really dig Audio books, but this does sound pretty great. Perfect book for Will. Good for both of you. Maybe I will reread it with his voice in my head instead.

    BTW – I remember where I read this book. I was sitting at a pool in Vegas drinking the occasional cheap beer and dealing with people giving me dirty looks when I would laugh out loud. Not sure I always remember where I read every book I read, but this one I do.

  9. Jack:

    “I’m not trying to pry into any personal business, but I wanted to ask if you get a similar amount of revenue from audio books as you do from printed books.”

    Don’t worry, I get paid enough each time someone buys a copy.

  10. I am so excited! We have a twelve hour drive to CA and listening to Wil read an awesome book to the kids is absolutely the best way to make a drive. I have been watching and following Wil ever since Stand By Me, I’m so glad he has come into the mainstream again.
    Having his dry wit and quirky vocals but clear reading adding to your most excellent writing has been torture waiting for. Well worth the wait!
    Have a good day John!

  11. I think you just had a momentary spike of traffic. I tried the player right after you posted, and it lasted for about 30 seconds then froze. It’s better now.

  12. A few years ago I began to have some problems with my eyesight. I am a voracious reader and was forced to turn to audiobooks to fix my “reading” jones. A year ago, surgery solved my vision issues, but I was hooked on the audio format. I still read lots of Internet blogs and magazines and other publications, but haven’t read a book in several years, now.

    All that is prelude to this: it’s interesting to listen to the audio version of books that I have read. I’ve done that with all of the OMW series of books and will now do it with these two. I’ve done it with some classics, too: Starship Troopers, Armor (RIP John Steakley) and To Kill a Mockingbird. My experience in doing this supports my presumption that the audio version of a book is a different, but valid manner in which to experience an author’s work.

  13. I have everything you have written so far available on audible. These will be no exception. You are correct – Wil is just…. right.

  14. Oh my. I am so excited to get my digital hands on these. Wil is definitely the perfect match for these stories and I’m about due for a re-read. My father is currently borrowing my copy of Android’s Dream so these came out at a perfect time. Thank you and Wil and your publisher for making these happen. :)

  15. John,


    Everyone always thinks thoughts like this, I think so they can feel good about SOMETHING, but while I enjoyed the blurb with Wil’s reading, I must immodestyl say that I could do better….but perhaps I should read the book first…in closing, I know for an absolute certainty that John Perry has my voice, and/or vice versa. The best part of this post, from your perspective anyway, is that I will now part with the Simoleans to buy TAD,
    Thanks for your work.

  16. I was going to suggest this the first time I read it, but you were already at work on the (late, lamented) sequel. The sequel should be named “The Revenge of Todd!”.

  17. I am not a fan of audiobooks, but Wil did an excellent job. Plus, I was intrigued enough by the clip that I dug up my husband’s old copy of TAD to read…on Friday…after my grad school finals are over! I think I’ll look into getting Agent as well…you’ve got your stuff available for Nook, yes?

  18. Audio books are one of those things that make me a bit squidgy; it feels like cheating. Books are supposed to be read! And yet… wow. The blurb is excellent. I want more. It may be a Very Scalzi Christmas this year.

  19. Lovely! Listening to Wil read this was great – I adored his computer agent voice. I almost never listen to audio books, but you’ve tempted me. The tech descriptions in this part of the book made me smirk a little, as when I read it. A zipper program! :)

  20. I just read The Android’s Dream for our SciFiCincinnati Book Club. Everyone is very excited to discuss the book in the very near future. I read audible books everyday and I love the medium ! I tend to reread books that I enjoy so I am thrilled to download The Android’s Dream from and do it all over again ! I can’t wait to hear Takk’s voice. I really did like Archie :( ! I listen to my audio books driving, fixing dinner, cleaning house, working in my pottery and getting dressed. (I hook up my MP3 player to speakers, fast & EZ) I do love reading but my books allow me to listen to three or four books each month that I otherwise don’t have time to read. I know you are busy but if you are able to drop down to Cincinnati, we would love to see you.

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