My Very Own Christmas Classic

Because people always ask for it this time of year, and don’t bother to use the search function to find it, even though it’s right there in the friggin’ sidebar, people, here’s the link to “The 10 Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time,” featuring “An Algonquin Round Table Christmas,” “Ayn Rand’s A Selfish Christmas,” and “A Canadian Christmas with David Cronenberg,” among others. Knock yourselves out, folks.

Accurate But Misleading Movie Descriptions – Fantasy Division

As an example of how completely discombobulated I am today, I totally forgot to tell all y’all that my column is up now, and this week I’m doing “accurate but misleading” movie descriptions for fantasy films, to complement the set of accurate but misleading science fiction movie descriptions I did a couple of weeks ago. Please go there this instant OR CHRISTMAS WILL BE CANCELLED. Thank you.

John Lennon in My Thoughts

Not because it’s the 30th anniversary of his death, but because (as I noted on Twitter) this is the first year that I’m older than John Lennon was when he died, and that’s kind of a weird feeling. I’ve noted before that Lennon was one of my major Heroes of Youth (the other two being Carl Sagan and H.L. Mencken, and I feel reasonably certain I was the only kid growing up having that particular trio of heroes), and here I am no longer especially young and older than Lennon will ever be.

I don’t have any particular place I’m going with this observation. It’s just something on my mind today.