My Very Own Christmas Classic

Because people always ask for it this time of year, and don’t bother to use the search function to find it, even though it’s right there in the friggin’ sidebar, people, here’s the link to “The 10 Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time,” featuring “An Algonquin Round Table Christmas,” “Ayn Rand’s A Selfish Christmas,” and “A Canadian Christmas with David Cronenberg,” among others. Knock yourselves out, folks.

9 Comments on “My Very Own Christmas Classic”

  1. Man, there were some really nasty comments in there. It is the holiday season, people are human, why do people have to be so nasty?
    I love Orson Wells, and would have killed to watch Star Trek’s Christmas episode. Along with other shows, sometimes the programs can be entertaining instead of some weird idea of perfect Christmas. Village People On Ice is like Entertainment on acid laced mushrooms, and I never got why people were so upset with The Nuge does Christmas; I mean, where do people think Christmas dinner comes from?

  2. Speaking of Objectivists, John, did you see the story this week about the private college designed on Rand’s ideas, designed to promote Objectivism, that closed because it couldn’t pay its bills, in part because it couldn’t get federally-funded student loans?

    Awesome sauce.

  3. Christmas With the Nuge … I’d watch. Until he began dressing out the turkey, and then I’d be looking for the barf bag.
    I’d cook it, though. With my very own rye-bread and sausage stuffing.

  4. >“A Canadian Christmas with David Cronenberg,”

    Actually, Eastern Promises is my current favourite Christmas movie, but somehow the networks just never get around to broadcasting it this time of year. Sniff.

  5. Oh, man… I’m one of those guilty of not realizing there was a search box, but at least I never emailed asking about something! It’s not located in a “logical” place (in quotes because it’s “logical” as it only applies to me, which is perhaps not the norm). I have to scroll down quite a bit to see it, so I never knew it was there. :(

  6. I’d love to watch the Star Trek one, and listen to a Wellesian War of the Worlds-esque story about Santa fighting off Nazis.

    Oh, and might as well throw the Cronenberg one in there to make it a full triple feature.

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