A Quick Reminder re: Signed Books For the Holidays

Folks, today is the last day to get in an order for signed, personalized Scalzi books from Jay & Mary’s Book Center in which we can say with certainty that the books you order will arrive before Christmas. So if you were going to get these for yourself or loved ones (or even just liked ones) for that day, you should probably get that order in today. Clicking on that link above will tell you how to do it.

If you’re not worried about delivery date, or just plain like the thrill of uncertainty, I’ll still be signing and personalizing books ordered through the 20th of December. So even after today there will be another 10 days to get an order in.

On another note entirely, to the folks who have ordered books through Jay & Mary’s Book Center this year: Thanks very much, and I mean that with all sincerity. It’s a great little book store with really good folks, and every order that goes through them helps their business keep thriving. I really do appreciate it.

5 Comments on “A Quick Reminder re: Signed Books For the Holidays”

  1. I called Jay and Mary’s today to order a book, and they seem fantastic: well organized and very nice. You’re lucky to have such a good local bookseller; it’s mostly big megastores (Borders, B&N) around me.

    Thanks for going in and signing books, by the way. I know someone who will appreciate this very much.

  2. I saw a guy last night at Taco Bell reading the mass market paperback version of Agent to the Stars. I told him about Jay and Mary’s if he wanted to get other books signed by you. He didn’t know about Whatever. Maybe he’ll stop by.

  3. Thank them for me. They were very nice and helpful on the phone.

    And thank you for taking the time to do the signings.

  4. I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago, and Mary was so wonderful to speak with. Not rushed, not “hurry up and get this over with”, just sincerely awesome.

    I can’t wait to see my husband’s face Christmas morning. :)