She’s Ready

“What? A strange man is going to come into the house through the chimney? Not on my watch!”

Yes, Daisy is all prepped to thwart Seasonal Home Invasion Man, aka Kris Kringle, aka Santa Claus, aka Nicholas “Saint Nick” Thaumaturgos. And she’s willing to lie on that dog bed all day long, all December long, if she has to. We told her it’s really only one night she has to worry about — that Santa fellow keeps a regular schedule — but what can I say. She’s the suspicious sort. And, well. If Santa does decide to make a December 10 attempt, won’t he be surprised.

27 Comments on “She’s Ready”

  1. Santa, he knows things… like when you are sleeping! There are no counter measures for a man that operates like that, except possibly not believing, but than that is what he wants you to think! There is no stopping Saint Nick, unbelievers be wary.

  2. “Santa Claus wears a Red Suit, He must be a communist. And a beard and long hair, Must be a pacifist. What’s in that pipe that he’s smoking?” – Arlo Guthrie

  3. Is that what my Honey’s been doing? Protecting her house against Santa? She must have decided the air vent above my bed would double for a chimney in a pinch, because she holds vigil there most days, particularly when I’m not home.

  4. You don’t get her off that bed and your exercise regime goes to hell.

    And at the worst possible time.

  5. Willya lookit that throne.

    Don’t forget, John. Four o’clock is time to serve Her Highness the woodpecker liver truffles and refill her crystal bowl with squirrel tears! XD

  6. Re: Charity Promotion Thread

    Totally off the topic here, but is anyone else just amazed at the variety of “good works” people on this site are involved in all over the world? What a varied group of people, all doing good in their own way. I’m proud and a bit humbled to be part of a group composed of such giving, caring people.

    Thank you, John, for hosting that page and letting us all see a bit of each other’s lives.

  7. What I want to know is: You have cats – how is it that you can have an actual Christmas tree??

    So jealous; I resigned myself to hanging the ornaments on garland (at a cat-proof height) years ago, sigh…

  8. Jeepers, that is one pimped-out fireplace.

    How are you able to maintain a tree? Do none of the four-legged family members make trouble with it?

  9. A lovely winter scene.

    I have to concur with the others that it is an amazing feat to have cats a dog and a Christmas tree all living in harmony. When I was a kid my dog ate several ornaments and completely devoured the lower-most popcorn string on our tree. Nowadays it is a rare pleasure to come home an NOT find that the cats have de-decorated in our absence. But I’m stubborn. I insist that they will learn to leave it alone one of these years. In the mean time…unbreakable ornaments make up the lower 20% of our tree.

  10. Doesn’t Daisy know that Santa is really a Christmas ninja? By the time span of a single bark he will be in, have dropped off the presents, drunk the milk, eaten the cookies, used the bathroom, and then left? No one creature can stop him!

  11. Hahaha. How is she with strangers, John? Does she guard the house? I hate to say in this picture she rather looks like she’s hoping Santa will bring her an extra extra extra large rawhide. If Santa showed up in my house, one dog would steal his hat and run away, and the other one would sit on him until help arrived. Mastiffs are all about taking prisoners.

  12. Oh, it’s such a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it. That bed ain’t gonna lie on itself. (Good doggie.)

  13. Memory is a strange and wondrous thing. I saw the photo and remembered we had a ceramic cat on the hearth in our downstairs fireplace in the house I lived in from 1962-1968. I haven’t thought of that since we moved out.

    Be sure Daisy gets just the beef jerky flavor she likes, Santa. None of that teriyaki stuff!

  14. Daisy’s watching out for Canadian Santa, who makes a big freaking deal of the holiday being earlier than the US version.

  15. Home Invasion? More like break and enter, unless Santa’s smashing your door down and terrorizing your family members.

  16. Glad to see someone else is putting the 11-volume Durant History of Civilization to the same use I am: ballast at the bottom of the bookshelf to keep it from falling over.

  17. That dog bed looks nice, does it stay soft or does it get all hard and flat the longer the dog stays on it? I’ve had trouble finding dog beds that I’m satisfied with.


  18. If I may, is that tree real? I’ve wanted a tree that shape for forever but nature doesn’t seem to make them that way. If there’s a specific species I need to look for, I’d love to know what it is.

    Beautiful doggie, John. In some shots she looks just like one of mine.

  19. Good dog, Daisy! Because you never know about those renegade elves—they might show up any time!

  20. Heh. You think she’s guarding? Suckah. She’s a co-conspirator. As soon as the coast is clear on Xmas Eve, she’s gonna open the fireplace screen and the flue and give Kringle a guided tour. He does his dirty business, she collects her cut of the cookies and plays innocent in the morning like nothing happened. “Musta been some kind magic, boss, I didn’t see a thing!”

    Yes, the cats WILL cover for her and back up her story. Their cut is the milk.