ScalziCast 12/14/10

A spontaneous podcast, in which I answer questions about other authors, pizza, the 2012 presidential campaign, who in history I would fight, whether Seanan McGuire can have a cookie and other questions. Roughly 27 minutes (it was almost exactly 30 when I recorded it, but I took out several minutes of “ums” and “uhs”).

If you want to download it for some odd reason, here you go.

14 Comments on “ScalziCast 12/14/10”

  1. PLEASE, Mr. Scalzi. If I didn’t love hearing you rant, then I wouldn’t follow your blog! Consider it downloaded.

  2. Of course it will be downloaded. I don’t listen to podcasts in front of my computer, where there’s interesting things to read (including this blog) – I listen to them in the car, where it’s impossible to read without crashing. In fact, I want an RSS feed specific to ScalziCasts, so I can add it to my podcatcher program, and I want this to become a regular feature. (I know you probably don’t have time to make ScalziCasts a regular feature, with all your other writing and SFWA responsibilities and a kid and pets and a five-acre property to maintain, but it would be *really* nice.)

  3. Nice cast–although chang, who is not chang’s suspicions seem correct with your thought of possibly setting fire to the cats. Good call, though, in your choice of doing the cast instead.
    We used to have a cat who liked to sniff lit candles. He never caught fire, but we tried to keep him away as we could see no good coming of it.

  4. Why, what lovely dulcet tones you have! I missed the question-submitting period, so I hope you do this again sometime.

    (Not that I’m wishing you’ll be sitting around BORED OUT OF YOUR SKULL again anytime soon, but I enjoyed the podcast. That’s all.)

  5. I pretty much had to stop after I heard The Scalzi say the F word. That made me fanboy squee. :D

  6. OK, but if you say Seannan can’t have a cookie then I am not going to read your blog ever again.

  7. If doing these helps prevent you from turning your cats into cinders, then by all means, please continue this insta-tradition.

    Also, listening to it was a lot of fun.

  8. Was it just me or was there a bit at the start that went something like this:

    “So let’s open up our can of Coke Zero-” *cocks Assault Rifle*

  9. and here I thought I was one of the only people who ever read “The Architect of Sleep”. I haven’t been able to find it in years, but I remember how original it was at the time it came out. Excellent book. Now I have to read “Ariel” since you think so highly of it.
    Love the podcast.

  10. I presume your comment about Rush asking your to do the drums for them is a reference to Scot Halpin (who, for those of you who don’t know, had what probably qualifies as the single greatest concert experience by anyone ever. Seriously. Look him up)?

  11. ZOMG!! Not only do I get Scazi on the page, on the screen (hehe, I noticed the “I came prepared” with a copy of Old Man’s War on SG-U, I even backed it up and pointed it out to my wife), on my RSS, and now IN MY EARS!! /swoon

    Awesome, just awesome.

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