The King Reclaims His Throne

Back when Kodi was the canine citizen of the house, Zeus had a pronounced tendency to take over the dog bed, partly because it pleased Zeus to appropriate the dog’s property, as if to say hah! to the larger domestic animal. Then Daisy came along and for a couple of months Zeus stayed out of the dog beds, as if biding his time, waiting for the perfect moment to re-establish his lounging supremacy.

That moment came this week, as once again Zeus began to loaf extravagantly in dog territory. What does the dog think about this? Well, inasmuch as Krissy went a bit overboard and we have four dog beds in the house at the moment, the dog’s reaction seems to be to say eh, whatever, and then to go and occupy one of the other beds in the house. This seems to work for everyone.

20 Comments on “The King Reclaims His Throne”

  1. Such a cat move! They are a patient bunch when it comes to world domination. They know when to hold them… Perfect cat song.

    I think I’ve been in Oklahoma too long..Kenny Rogers going through my head is going to give me nightmares and I don’t why it came up when I saw this picture? It’s the first thing I thought of. I don’t like country or Kenny Rogers!

    Zeus just has the look and I think I need therapy.

  2. O Great Scalzi, what an excellent picture of TempCat Zeus displaying the proper amount of disdain for [Rancid Dog Thing].

    The Executive Committee notes your prompt response to our prior communication – however, we think it might be better to verify your claim that the Beauteous Ghlaghghee is currently napping on the loveseat by providing a suitable picture.

    Not that we don’t trust you or anything… well, we don’t, actually.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

    PS – If you’re going to recycle, so will the Executive Committee.

  3. I have two quilts folded up on the long side of my desk, which faces the window in my office. We have three cats. You can readily see the problem. More than once, Hobbes, our youngest, will approach the sleeping Caitlin and Simba and attempt to insinuate himself onto one of the quilts. Caitlin opens one eye and growls. Hobbes thinks better of it and approaches Simba. Sometimes Hobbes and Simba can share a quilt without difficulty, but more than once Simba will groggily stare at Hobbes for a moment, then get up and go somewhere else. Hobbes then takes over the prewarmed cat bed (after all, it’s not really a “quilt”, right?) and falls blissfully to sleep.

    Hubby and I harbor no illusions about who runs this three-cat household. We recently came into some unexpected cash, and when I suggested we use some of the money to buy a cat tower of some sort, he readily agreed. There aren’t a lot of men out there (in my experience, anyway) who’d think that buying a cat bed is a better use of unexpected money than, say, spending it on a sports event.

  4. Oh Man! After being gone for almost a week, spending some of it on a bed not big enough and the rest on a reclining chair it is good to come back and see your cat telling me Exactly what to do with my bed.
    Tell Zeus thank you for me! Power to the Cute and Furry Pussies!
    (I mean pussy cats, perverts kindly get their minds out of the gutters)

  5. “Well, inasmuch as Krissy went a bit overboard and we have four dog beds in the house at the moment, the dog’s reaction seems to be to say eh, whatever, and then to go and occupy one of the other beds in the house. This seems to work for everyone.”

    Doesn’t sound like she went overboard – sounds like she’s smart.

  6. That’s a great picture! We found out last month that my cat has cancer, so we’ve been taking even more photos of her than we usually do (and I’m unemployed, so I have ample opportunity) because we don’t know how much longer she’ll be with us. Actually, I can see so little of Zeus in that photo that it could very well BE my cat! Her left ear is more white and pink than Zeus’s, but other than that, their upper bodies look very much alike.

  7. That dog bed bears some resemblence to the Stone of Scone…could Zeus be a scion of the Stuart line?

  8. Wouldn’t it be great if humans had the same problem-solving skills as cats and dogs? (Cats will take full credit for the strategy, but the dogs have to be accepting.)

  9. Cats sleep where they want, and they’re not afraid to make bigger creatures (dogs) move. I don’t know where they get their chutzpah from, but I’d like a dose.

  10. My cat, Cora, has her own agenda when it comes to the dog bed. She likes to hide under it, after attacking and subduing it, just so she can leap out and scare the dog. Poor Lily – she knows she’s supposed to be on her mat if she’s got food, but whether it has a suspicious hump in it or not, she sidles up to it, and perches very carefully on the rim.

  11. Cats sleep where it’s safe. Human beds are supremely safe, since humans sleep there. But dog beds will do in a pinch, because dogs are big and mighty and more powerful than cats. Well, most of the time. It smells of dog, or human, a cat will sleep them because it’s safe there.

  12. CAST OF CHARACTERS: Me, a norwegian bachelor farmer. My dog, a Norwegian Elkhound, like me only louder and with a much nicer fur coat. The Girl, a southern belle. The Girl’s Dog Sebastian, a white german shepherd, surprisingly dainty for a 90lb monster dog.

    My dog generally slept on the floor. And then The Girl arrived, and determined that a) my couch was ghetto and had to be replaced, b) the bed in the guest room was clearly insufficient and needed to be replaced, and c) clearly her dog should not sleep on the floor, he should sleep in a dog bed.

    So now there’s a fancy new couch, and a fancy new bed in the guest room, and a fancy new dog bed. And when you’re not looking, the german shepherd is asleep on one of the first two, unless you’ve piled crap all over one or both of those in order to prevent this, in which case he’s either on the other one, or (if you did both) carefully pushed a 45lb-dog-sized patch of it aside, and then curled himself up into a tiny half-his-size ball and wedged himself in there.

    Meanwhile, my dog says “Hey! There’s a perfectly good dog bed going spare here. This is kinda nice! Think I’ll sleep on this instead!”.

    I have a great dog.

  13. There’s a perfectly good dog bed going spare here.

    I can’t suppress the mental image of the dog bed running around gibbering insanely.

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