This One Goes Out to Everyone Following Me on the RSS Feed

Just a quick reminder that I have a trio of helpful holiday threads for you on the site:

1. A book thread, where authors are telling you about their books in the bookstores;

2. An everything else thread: Crafts, arts, self-pubbed books and more, all for gift-giving;

3. A charity thread: Great places to give this year, suggested by Whatever readers.

Check them out; there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find something you like.

2 Comments on “This One Goes Out to Everyone Following Me on the RSS Feed”

  1. I am in the target audience for this post.

    …But the RSS feed doesn’t include comments.

    Add to that the fact that the Whatever theme makes for more-readable copy than my RSS reader offers, and I move into the not-target audience for this post as well.

    …In case anyone cares.

  2. I read the RSS feed, but I click through to any post that might have comments of interest (like, when not using RSS, I scroll to comments in the same situation) . . . especially ones like those. Er, time permitting, I mean–but the time I hit them, there are usually 5000 comments. ;-)

    I see you have comment feeds, which is groovy.