Hey! Baen’s Updated Its Web Site!

And it’s celebrating its new look by offering you a free story: “Space Hero” by Patrick Lundrigan, which by its very title alone you can tell is going to be perfectly Baen-tastic. Check out the new look and enjoy the free fiction, right there on the front page of the site.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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According to postings in the Bar they’re going to be rolling out a lot of neat stuff. Free fiction every month, free nonfiction article every month starting next month. Discussion guides for YA-appropriate SF novels for teachers. Proof that not all change is bad.

Josh@3, there is a non-flash version of the page, but I don’t know how to bring it up other than by running a browser without flash support . But you can see it by using an iphone to hit it (or in my case ipod touch).

One of the things I enjoy the most about using an ebook reader is that I can happily read a Baen book without the exquisite embarrassment of displaying a Baen cover to all and sundry. I really wish they’d adopt a more mature house style.

John@6, eh, changing the cover style would have huge risks. Right now, Baen has an editorial ‘style’ that appeals to a certain percentage of the population, and those folks can instantly identify those books. Including probably a fair number who never actually noticed who the publisher was.

That would be like having a new urban fantasy/romance novel where there wasn’t a picture of the female protagonist on the cover, with a weapon, and (usually) a tramp stamp. It just isn’t done, and for more or less good reasons.

It is going to be interesting in a few years though, to see what new methods of finding books come up, because honestly almost all of the current ones for ebooks stink.

Never, because the eBook rights for it are owned by Tor now. They keep it there so the people who purchased it when it was available can download it again if they need to. There are eBook editions for the Kindle and the Nook, however (and I would imagine in the iBookStore too, although I haven’t checked).

I’ve already got Cryoburn! I’m rereading Civil Campaign and Diplomatic Immunity (already reread Memory) before I open it!

John — Also got 2 of your books in the same Amazon box. They’re on the docket right after Cryoburn.

It’s going to be a space opera Christmas!

Vorishly yours,
TK Vorkenyon

John@6 – Some of their covers have changes. The cover for Sharon Lee’s contemporary fantasy (it’s not urban if it is set in Maine) Carousel Tides is very much not in Baen’s typical style.

Said cover is visible here :

So the cover style may depend on the novel content (a different look for “urban fantasy”)?

I do like the site redesign. No longer straight out of the 90’s!

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