The God Engines Available in Audio

Today’s the day my Hugo and Nebula nominated novella The God Engines is available in audio format from Brilliance Audio, who is making it available in several formats, including audio CD (several discs), mp3 CD (single disc) and download via Audible (no discs). I linked to Amazon there for the physical discs, but it’s also available via and will be in bookstores which carry audio — or you can special order it from your local store, which I’m sure they would like. The story is being read by a fellow named Christopher Lane, who does a fine job with all the characters and with the tale. He spooked my mother-in-law as she listened to it, so there you have it. If you like audio, and dark fantasy, then happy holidays, this is for you.

The book is also still available in printed form (I’ve been signing quite a few of them at Jay & Mary’s recently) and in electronic editions in several formats (including this one). Basically, however you want it, we’ve got it for you.

Oh, and remember, if you’re an audio fan, remember also that The Android’s Dream and Agent to the Stars came out in audio last week, read by the fabulous Wil Wheaton, and that link has an audio sample.

Also, buy my books, would you? Otherwise Athena will get dirt for Christmas. And not the loamy kind of dirt you can plant things in, but the crumbly, sandy dirt that made the Okies head for California. And we all know how that turned out.

There, that should be enough guilt.

(Note: Athena not really getting dirt for Christmas. Thank you for your concern.)

12 Comments on “The God Engines Available in Audio”

  1. I’m gonna get the kids a slinky, each.

    OK, I just went and listened to a sample of Christopher Lane reading. I can see that voice reading God Engines. It would make a perfect gift for a certain angsty 13 year old I know.

  2. I highly recommend the audio version of “Agent to the Stars.” I was listening to it last night on ipod while my daughter did homework. She kept on looking up, because I was giggling out loud.

    “We have seen The Blob, and it is us”

  3. From the little I know of Athena, I imagine that she could make good (and scary) use of dirt. But I think I’ll go buy a book anyway. That’s always fun.

  4. With Christopher Lane reading this, it just bumped up to NEXT on my must listen list. He read The Whiskey Rebels and it was awesome. As will be The God Engines.

    Dirt would be a better gift for the Solstice. Which is next week.

  5. Oh, very nice. I have the Kindle edition (haven’t read it yet), but the man o’ the house is an audio book person, and we have an Audible membership. Thanks for letting us know!

  6. I decided to get myself an early present and bought OMW on amazon. Local stores only carry the German translations, if anything. So far my only exposure to the genius of Scalzi (TM) was through Whatever, and I decided to stand this woeful ignorance no longer. Great book so far, and please buy your daughter something equally exhilarating and cool!

  7. Greetings Oh Most Wise and Glorious John Scalzi!

    Is there a recommended reading order for your work? Almost everything you’ve ever published is in my “to be read” pile, which is becoming dangerously high and wobbly…Since I’m going to have to rearrange it, there might as well be some semblance of order.

    Thank You,
    Your Eternal Humble Servant

    chris harrison

  8. Chris – Start with “Old Man’s War”. It’s what I did. And I am very glad I did.

    And to all out there who haven’t bought and read it. Do so. “The God Engines” is very, very good. It’s just the right length to read at a sitting, and boy will you want to.

  9. I just downloaded The Lost Colony to my Nook, but I think I might have to take a small break from the series and listen to WW read one or another of the two books (maybe both?) I’m new to your work, but really enjoyed Old Man’s War and Ghost Brigade. In fact, I really loved the second book. I’ll be reccing them to customers, for certain.

  10. Hey, John, I just finished read God Engines today. Sorry–I checked it out from the library.

    But I did buy Ghost Brigade. And I love all your other books and recommended them to people who might buy them, too.

    Good luck with Xmas shopping for Athena.


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