Ending the Day on a High Note

I know we’re all sad about SG:U, and years from now we’ll talk about where we were when we found out the show was cancelled, but hey: Here’s a cute picture of my kid, looking all introspective in the snow and all.

And with that, I’m outta here for the day. See you all tomorrow.

Stargate Universe Cancelled

Here’s the tweet that says it, from Syfy’s Craig Engler, about ten minutes ago:

I’ll have more to say about it at some point soon, but for now I’ll say that it’s a shame, and also that it was a tremendous honor to work with the SG:U folks, particularly Brad Wright and Joe Mallozzi, the two writer/producers with whom I worked the most closely. They put on a really good show, and I was glad to be able to help them.

The good news for you is that you still have ten more episodes to look forward to, and you know what? They’re really excellent episodes. I can’t wait for you to see them.

Quick addendum, 4:17pm: For the people wondering if this means the Scalzi family Christmas is canceled, etc., I’m touched, but I’m fine and the family is fine, and thanks to my philosophy of having multiple revenue streams, we will continue to be perfectly fine for the foreseeable future. So don’t worry about us.

A General Reminder, Re: Bacon

Dear Assembled Masses:

Okay, it’s not quite 2 pm as I write this and I’ve already gotten six bacon-related e-mails today, so it’s probably a good time to remind people of this:

The Canonical Bacon Page.

It’s where you can go here on the site and post things about bacon, in order to share its smokey pork goodness with everybody, not just me, and also as a consequence, keep my e-mail queue relatively bacon-free. Because, yes, while I like bacon, I don’t actually have to be personally e-mailed every bacon-related thing on the Internet.

The Canonical Bacon Page does in fact get a surprising amount of traffic (and yes, I do check it fairly frequently), so it’s a fine way to show off your online bacon acumen. Because bacon, like love, is better when it’s shared.

Note, incidentally, that if/when you post on the Canonical Bacon Page, you do not have to then e-mail me to let me know that you’ve posted on the Canonical Bacon Page. One, I probably already know you’ve posted; I’m pretty good at keeping tabs on the site. Two, I set up the Canonical Bacon Page as an alternative to e-mailing me bacon-related material, so posting there and e-mailing sort of defeats the purpose of that.

In short: When you want to e-mail me about bacon, post it to the Canonical Bacon Page instead.

Thank you for your consideration.

I remain yours in nitrated bliss,

John Scalzi

Just Arrived, 12/16/10

Hey! Look what I got in the mail!

* Soul Hunt, Margaret Ronald (Harper Voyager): The third book in Ronald’s fabulous urban fantasy series has our paranormally empowered heroine discovering that she owes a debt to someone very powerful and thus must take on a job that she dare not fail at, or else bad things will happen to Boston. Yes, even worse than the Celtics not making the finals. This one will be out on December 28, so now you know what to spend those holiday gift cards on.

* Up Against It, M.J. Locke (Tor): This is an ARC for an science fiction book which has been getting a fair amount of early buzz for its look at life on an asteroid colony a couple centuries upstream — and the troubles one of that colony’s engineers has to deal with when it’s targeted for takeover. And if that’s not enough, a formerly helpful AI had gone rogue. See, this is why I stay here at the bottom of a gravity well. This one comes out in March, and Locke’s already slated for a Big Idea slot, so you’ll hear more about it here closer to release.

* Cowboy Angels, Paul McAuley (Pyr): This is a cool idea: A version of the US discovers a way to access alternate history versions of itself and plans basically to make these other versions its client states. Oh, America. Self-reflexive imperialism probably won’t end well, will it? Probably not — and there’s where the story is headed. This novel’s been out for quite some time in the UK but has its US release on January 1.

* Speculative Horizons, Patrick St-Denis, ed. (Subterranean Press): This fantasy anthology features stories from Tobias Buckell, Hal Duncan, L.E. Modesitt, Jr. and others, got a starred review in Publishers Weekly, and a cut of the profits go to breast cancer research. It’s out now.

* Black Magic Sanction, Kim Harrison (Harper Voyager): The paperback version of Harrison’s latest installment in her Rachel Morgan series hits stores on December 28.

* Corruptor, Jason Cordova (Twilight Times): So there’s this video game which is so very awesome that playing it is just like actually being in it. What could possibly ever go wrong with that set-up, right? Yes, exactly. Sigh. When will people remember to pause the game and step away from it every fifteen minutes or so? It’s not so hard, folks. This one is out now.

* A Hard Day’s Knight, Simon R. Green (Ace): Green’s Nightside series is up to installment number 11, which is a pretty impressive series run, if you ask me. In this one, our hero private investigator John Taylor discovers the sword Excalibur has been sent to him in the mail, and you just know that’s going to mean complications galore. Apparently “Return to Sender” was not an option. This one’s out January 4.

Sequels, Remakes, and Transformers in 3-D

Over at Filmcritic.com today, I dip into the mailbag and answer questions about whether 2010 is unusually pocked with sequels and remakes, and what it means for the next Transformers movie to be in 3D, especially when Michael Bay whined about 3D so much earlier in the year. Come check it out, and as always feel free to leave your own comments over there.