A General Reminder, Re: Bacon

Dear Assembled Masses:

Okay, it’s not quite 2 pm as I write this and I’ve already gotten six bacon-related e-mails today, so it’s probably a good time to remind people of this:

The Canonical Bacon Page.

It’s where you can go here on the site and post things about bacon, in order to share its smokey pork goodness with everybody, not just me, and also as a consequence, keep my e-mail queue relatively bacon-free. Because, yes, while I like bacon, I don’t actually have to be personally e-mailed every bacon-related thing on the Internet.

The Canonical Bacon Page does in fact get a surprising amount of traffic (and yes, I do check it fairly frequently), so it’s a fine way to show off your online bacon acumen. Because bacon, like love, is better when it’s shared.

Note, incidentally, that if/when you post on the Canonical Bacon Page, you do not have to then e-mail me to let me know that you’ve posted on the Canonical Bacon Page. One, I probably already know you’ve posted; I’m pretty good at keeping tabs on the site. Two, I set up the Canonical Bacon Page as an alternative to e-mailing me bacon-related material, so posting there and e-mailing sort of defeats the purpose of that.

In short: When you want to e-mail me about bacon, post it to the Canonical Bacon Page instead.

Thank you for your consideration.

I remain yours in nitrated bliss,

John Scalzi

8 Comments on “A General Reminder, Re: Bacon”

  1. “Because bacon, like love, is better when it’s shared.”

    You need a dislike button here because I strongly disagree with this statement. I think it should say “Bacon, like pie, is better eaten. By me.”

    That said, I’m off to check out the The Canonical Bacon Page.

  2. Maybe you could make the permanent link on the right side a bit more noticeable. Perhaps with that very same graphic that headlines this post, although likely scaled down somewhat.

  3. You know, this bacon thing is EXACTLY how people become “collectors” and end up with three thousand porcelain turtles, or whatever.

    Never, ever mention you like anything. Ever.

  4. I remember the day this page went up with fondness. Brief influx of new people to my stupid LJ.

    If only I had worthwhile content on the related page instead of so much ranting. That link could have made me rich and famous.

    OK probably not, but a daydream is a daydream.

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