Ending the Day on a High Note

I know we’re all sad about SG:U, and years from now we’ll talk about where we were when we found out the show was cancelled, but hey: Here’s a cute picture of my kid, looking all introspective in the snow and all.

And with that, I’m outta here for the day. See you all tomorrow.

12 Comments on “Ending the Day on a High Note”

  1. Your daughter is wearing a shirt with GIR on it. Your daughter is awesome. I must get my daughter a GIR shirt so that she too may be awesome(r than she already is).

  2. John, Hmmm, introspective…she does look that way..a bit anyhow…or perhaps its a touch of, “Jeez, Dad, do I have to pose for ANOTHER picture??” Hope you have a good evening!

  3. And it was finally actually getting good. The first season was a bit meh but this season has been MUCH more interesting. Then again, SyFy has a history of canceling good shows just as they find their footing.

  4. I assume she’s sculpting a snowball like the Winter Warlock to check on the SG:U cast and crew? Are they okay? Have they been captured by Burgermeister Meisterburger?

  5. Seriously? Where we were when it was canceled? Hearing about its cancellation was like hearing about someone you associate with often, but don’t have any strong feelings for one way or the other, dying after battling a protracted illness you knew when you met him would take his life.

    I watched the show regularly but I knew it was the Willy Loman of Science Fiction TV.

  6. Scorpius:


    Actually, no, not seriously at all. I was in fact being facetious. With the exception of those whose lives it directly affects, I very much doubt any one will remember where they were when they found out (except, possibly “I was reading the Whatever”).

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