Yet Another 10 Things I’ve Done That You Probably Have Not

Following on this list, which follows on this one. Not saying you never did any of these things, just that I suspect you probably haven’t. I think the odds are in my favor overall. And if you have done all ten, stop stalking me.

1. Been a couple of feet away from a Shakespeare First Folio

2. Lived directly in front of a Christmas tree farm

3. Had a comedian borrow, with permission, a joke with the intent to use it on The Tonight Show (he was on; he didn’t use it).

4. Swatted a fly off Harrison Ford’s lapel

5. Bottle-fed a calf

6. Watched movies in a press-only theater with Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel

7. Had a meeting with current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

8. Been in a car that crashed, in a not-quite-irony-free fashion, through a cemetery fence

9. Slipped down Neil Gaiman’s stairwell (without injury, my bad, not his)

10. Sung an original song at a friend’s funeral.

Feel free to add your own list in the comments/create a list on your own site and then add a link in the comments.