I’m a British Fantasy Award Nominee

For this very blog, in the non-fiction category. Very cool!

Here’s the entire list of nominees, via SF Signal. Congrats to all of them.

Update: Whoops, this information is from June. This is what I get for not paying attention. Never mind; as you were.

10 Comments on “I’m a British Fantasy Award Nominee”

  1. HA! You’ve been placed in the all time coolness categories of British entertainment. John, that is So frickin awesome!

  2. Worth noting that this was for the awards ceremony presented in September of this year – I distinctly remember this one as I co-presented the award for the non-fiction category.

    But it’s still cool to have been shortlisted! :-)

  3. Interesting. Too bad they couldn’t have notified you in real time, so perhaps you could have been Happy to be nominated and hopeful, then slightly crestfallen yet proud, then just proud to have been nominated a little sooner. Of course this way you got to compress that time, so maybe it’s for the best. (?)

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