Daily Archives: December 22, 2010

Seriously Annoying

Okay, WordPress users, a question for you: Can you think of any reason why WP would suddenly and randomly make the most recent posts disappear from the front page? The post isn’t deleted and is directly accessible, it just doesn’t show up on the front page, even if it was there before. It seems to […]

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An Interview With the Christmas Bunny

Your name, please. Aloysius McFuzz. And your profession? I am the Christmas Bunny. The Christmas Bunny. That is correct. Not the Easter Bunny. No, but close. But the Christmas Bunny is a franchise. Franchise? Yes. You know what a franchise is? In the sense of McDonald’s or Burger King franchising a store. Yes. Sure. Same […]

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Stats Geekery Addendum

In October, I posted an entry about the readership stats for Whatever and noted at the time that it’s often difficult to get a true bead on how many people are reading what I’m writing here, in part because of the variance in reporting between stats programs, and then also because the stats programs may […]

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