I Write About Some Science Fiction Films, and Try To Be Brave

Specifically, I’m talking about the SF films of 2010, in an “end-of-the-year wrapup” fashion, in my column for FilmCritic.com. Please go visit, because now that the SG:U gig is gone, this is the only regular paycheck I have left, and if you don’t go and read it right now, I’ll be fired, we’ll be thrown out into the snow with only thin summer clothes to cover our shivering bodies and then we’ll die.

(breaks down, sobbing, in pure financial desperation)

[Editorial note: This is has been a dramatic simulation of a moment of desperation, not an actual moment of desperation. The Scalzi family is on perfectly stable financial ground, and has many winter-appropriate bits of apparel. Nor are any of the pets in danger, as may be  suggested in upcoming lines. We now return you to the faked breakdown already in process.]

(wipes eyes) Sorry, I didn’t mean to break down like that. I’m fine. We’re all fine. Except possibly Zeus. Chubby, delectable Zeus. Who will be fine at five minutes a pound at 325 degrees.

Anyway, won’t you read the column this week? Please?!!!??!!??!!?!?!ONE!??

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