The Ultimate Sacrilege

I’m in a coffee shop! With a cloud-based laptop! Clearly, the end is near.

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  1. Okay, I admit I missed a few days, but what the heck is a cloud-based laptop? No apps loaded on it? No thanks.

  2. I hardly even notice the little antenna sticking out of you head through which you recieve commands from the collective.

    gives you that “Alfalfa” chic.

  3. OK, John, you confused me. You’re in a coffeeshop, doing what everybody else does in a coffeeshop. Eating stuff that’s less than optimally healthy for them, and sucking down bandwidth like a Hoover on steroids. Why is using a cloudtop any more indicative of the End Of The World As We Know It than my sitting in a food court last night with my shiny new Android, sucking down bandwidth like a mad sucking thing and munching on a jam thumbprint?

  4. cloud based computting was developed for mining gas giants. Lando Calrissian invented I believe. Only problem is the comm port is physically identical to a kilovolt power coupling used in substations. stupid fucking standards committee wouldnt budge. said something about being happy they didnt establish a permanent garrison.

  5. GlennS:

    I wrote a book on writing called “You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take a Laptop Into a Coffee Shop,” and I recently wrote an entry on why I was skeptical about the advisability of cloud-based computers.

  6. Also, the only way you could compound this if you were working on a LitFic novel about some aging dude angsting about his upcoming high school reunion.

  7. Ah, so that’s why everyone in the shopping mall jumped at once in NZ, we were falling off the earth since the North hemisphere was destroyed by act of Mr Scalzi.

  8. The End is, gulp, near? Wait a minute: the Chicago Cubs aren’t playing the Texas Rangers in the World Series? You must be bluffing. Well played, sir, well played.

  9. Yeah its nice that the world is ending, but what is that delicious looking piece of delectable yum on the table?
    Tell me so I can live vicariously through your tastebuds.
    I’m eating oatmeal. sigh.

  10. It was a slice of butterscotch pie. And it it was good, but right about now I can tell I really need to eat some real food to counteract its massive amount of empty calories.

  11. Scalzi:

    You’re writing it ON A CLOUD-BASED LAPTOP. Your novel is stored IN THE CLOUD. We all have access to it. And boy is your editor going to get an earful, starting about five seconds after you turn it in.

  12. Oh, if ONLY I could find a coffee shop in this coffee-less city of Seattle….maybe if I threw a rock…

  13. If a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, then you, sir, are a damn genius. Not that we ever doubted it.

  14. I think, mostly, we’d just like to hear more about how its working out for you. I’ll tell you one thing that the GoogleOS will do for me … it won’t let me access my media at home, so no more lying to myself, saying I can get some work done while having a movie up in the background. Unfortunately, having it cut me off from the net to keep me from surfing or quintuple checking the same handful of sites that distract me might become counter productive ;-p

  15. That’s a lot … sparser … than the coffee shops around here. How’s the hot chocolate?


    (Or is this the equivalent of wearing a band’s shirt to their concert? Screw it, it made me giggle.)

  17. Ah, but we know that you’re enjoying that venti extra-hot skinny half-caf peppermint eggnog mocha with extra whip ironically.

  18. The end is near? Pish, posh; it’s already happened. Evidence? The Saints won the Super Bowl this year.

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