Look! More Christmas Photos!

Because that’s how we roll, Christmas morning.

Athena hard at work at Christmas 2010: The Unwrapination.

One of Athena’s gifts. Her gifts parted out between geekish and stylish, because, you know. Look at her parents.


“Put down that camera and unwrap your presents.” I got a very nice coat with hat and gloves, the Autobiography of Mark Twain (which I bought for myself, but which Krissy wrapped when I wasn’t looking) and a Belgian Waffle maker. His name is Hans.

And of course it wouldn’t be Christmas if one didn’t spoil one’s dog!

The cats were also spoiled, with catnip-filled mice. Here is Lopsided Cat, who is, dude, so very high right now.

Happy Christmas!

18 Comments on “Look! More Christmas Photos!”

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your Family ( including the pets).
    I am curious, did the cat and dog get more presents from Santa than you?

  2. Chang =/= Chang should be very pleased with the picture of Mighty Lopsided Cat, despite the undignified circumstances.

    Happy Happy and Merry Merry!

  3. @ben (comment 1): Judging from the similarity between it and the couch, I’m guessing it’s a couch cushion.

  4. Doug:

    Yes. But then I tell people not to get me things for Christmas, since I typically buy the things I want to have. The pets are not typically independent shoppers.

  5. The family greyhound got a new toy as well–an electric blue squeaky!sheep. I’m thinking about calling it Baker.

  6. “Put down that camera and unwrap your presents.”

    :-) My daughter was so pleased with her new camera,. she spent most of breakfast photographing her fried eggs.

    Merry Christmas, John and all the Scalzis.

  7. Excellent photo of a blissed-out cat doing his best impression of a small rug.

    I think I’ll put catnip down for the felines here when I get up to start the Christmas Day Drinkification shortly.

  8. I ALSO received a Belgian waffle maker for Christmas, John. Along with that, got a new circular saw, a tool bag, screwdrivers, floor mats, and a beef stick. I’m not yet sure how these all combine into one comprehensive gift, but whatever they make together will be AWESOME.

  9. Dude, your daughter is such a lucky girl! Athena is living one heck of a childhood! Thanks for brightening my day with memories of my own awesome childhood in Kingston, Ontario.

  10. “His name is Hans” — You’re baaad…. good thing I wasn’t drinking anything! Happy Holidays!

  11. While nominally a dog lover (daschunds, the organic electric blankets!) I think I can read your cat’s mind Right Now: “DUUUDE, THE COLORS…hey, make that dog stop licking me!” At least that seems to be the gist of it. Merry post Christmas to the Scalzi family.