The Year in Pets

Ghlaghghee gazes upon 2010, which as you may remember was a fairly significant one for the pets. On the dog front we mourned the passing of Kodi and welcomed Daisy. The roster of cats remained the same, however, for which we are thankful. To help usher out 2010, here’s a pet retrospective for the year.

Plus, for those of you who desire total cat overload, a cautionary tale on the dangers of ‘nip addiction.

There, that should keep you through to January, I think.

19 Comments on “The Year in Pets”

  1. Dude, so sweet. We lost three cats this year to coyotes, and three dogs, but hopefully after the move we can adopt and save a few to replace them.

    Your picture of the cat with black and mostly white gloweyness is the coolest, It looks like the cat has The Glow from The Last Dragon. Did you ever get to watch it? If not you could always have a 80’s marathon, and open the New Year being thankful that movies have progressed past the coolness of the 80’s Kungfu Jazzy Hip-Hop era.

    Now we have people like Justin Bieber, eeeeeeewwwww, never mind, I am now a bit more worried for the new year coming. :O

  2. Wonderful retrospective of your tribe. (Dogs are packs and cats are clutters, but I don’t know what the combination is)

    I used a picture of the kids and grandkids for this years holiday letter and got many complaints about “where were the cats”.

    Best wishes for 2011

  3. Wow, the first posting wasn’t a ding because all the photos weren’t of you-know-who. There may be hope for humanity. Happy New Year.

    Jack Tingle

  4. Aw, Kodi. She had such a smushy, sweet face!

    I really love the shot of Daisy sprawled out with her paws in the air. My dog and both of my cats do that, figuring to solicit moar belleh rubbins that way.

  5. The photograph of Kodi in front of that blooming tree (boxwood?) is simply beautiful. I’m with Luna; Kodi wasn’t even my dog, and I didn’t know her personally, but I still choke up about her. :-(

  6. @14: I wonder about CwinC as well.

    Have you ever thought what his name would look like as a Venn diagram? I’m thinking a single circle with ‘Chang’ inside and ‘not Chang’ outside.

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