A Reminder to Authors About Blurbs


Please, if you’re thinking of asking me to blurb your work, take a look at my blurb policy, which is available here, and is linked off the front page of Whatever (as well as every other page on the WordPress install).

I mention it because I’ve gotten several direct requests for blurbs from authors recently, and as noted in the policy, I really do insist on blurb requests coming from editors/publishers rather than directly from authors. This is not only to avoid the awkward thing of possibly telling someone, “Dude, I don’t like your book enough to blurb it,” but also the separate-but-still-awkward thing of saying to an author, “Dude, I did want to blurb your book, but I lost track of time and didn’t get the blurb over to your editor in time.” So I just say “no” up front and have done with it.

If it goes through the editor/publisher, on the other hand, the author never has to know of my lack of enthusiasm/lack of basic organizational competence. And, you know. I prefer that.

Yes, this is a totally self-interested policy, and quite possibly it makes me look a bit like a dick. You’re asking for a blurb; I’m allowed to set conditions for my participation. These are my conditions, and I feel I’ve done a reasonable amount to make those conditions easy to find.

So, again, please, read the policy before you ask me to blurb your work. Thank you.

Some Things I’m Likely to Do in 2011

Yesterday I posted an entry on some things I’d like to do, creatively speaking, and it appears to have thrown at least a couple of people into a concern spiral that I was leaving science fiction forever. Relax, folks. As noted in the entry, those things were aspirational and not officially on the schedule. What is on the schedule for me for 2011? Well, at the moment we have the following.

1. A novel: Because wouldn’t you like to have one from me in 2012? Sure you would. No, I won’t give you any details about the novel, because that’s not how I roll. I will say, however, that it is not an OMW novel. Nor is it in the Android’s Dream universe. Again: Relax, folks, I’ll probably get back to both at some point. I figure you’ll like where I’m taking you, however. And yes, it will be science fiction.

2. A novella: Because I like the length and I have a story I think will fit the length. As with the novel, no additional information yet.

3. A SUPER SEEKRIT PROJECT: I can tell you nothing about this other than it does exist, I’ve been working on it for some time and when you find out about it your head will explode from the coolness of it. Don’t bother trying to fish for clues in the comments, I really cannot tell you anything about it now.

4. Book tour: I will wander the length and breadth of the land, promoting Fuzzy Nation. We’re still scheduling dates and places. Obviously I will tell you more about that when it happens.

5. Teaching at Clarion: That will be in July. If you’re an aspiring writer interested in science fiction and fantasy, there’s still time to apply.

In addition, I will continue to be president of SFWA for at least half the year, which will also be keeping me busy in a number of ways. I also will be doing other writing, including my Filmcritic.com column and of course my usual blatheration here. And, I’ll be GoH at two science fiction conventions and visiting at least couple others.

So in all, 2011 is already pretty well scheduled out — enough so that I’m already scheduling 2012. It’s nice to be busy.