My 2010 in Review

It’s been an interesting year. Some highlights, in no particular order:

1. Being elected President of SFWA and working with the current board of directors. I’ve largely kept to my self-imposed rule of not speaking about my presidential-related activities here, as a way to keep my personal views and organizational responsibilities clearly separate in the public eye. But I don’t think it’s out of line to say publicly that I’ve been extraordinarily fortunate as SFWA president to work with the current board of SFWA officers. They’re smart, committed, competent and engaged. As president, I’m in many ways the public face of the organization, but as president I can tell you that nothing gets done without good people on the board. I want to make sure you all know how much I appreciate the people I get to work with on SFWA matters.

2. Putting together the Clash of the Geeks project. Because, dude, it was totally ridiculous, and ridiculously fun, and we ended up raising a huge amount of money to help folks who suffer from Lupus. It’s easy to make the joke, per House, that “it’s never Lupus,” but House is fictional, and out in the real world, sometimes it is Lupus, and the folks who suffer from it could use a little help. It was nice to help, and nice to work with the talented people who contributed to it and put it together. And I thank each of you who downloaded our ridiculous thing and then donated a little, too. You still can, incidentally — download and donate. Just in case you haven’t, yet. It’s still tax deductible for 2010! Hint, hint.

3. My trip to Australia. It was the first time I’ve been to Australia, but I would love to go back at some hopefully-not-too-distant point in time, and this time spend more than a week.

4. Being married for fifteen years. Seriously, man. How lucky am I.

5. The general positive response to The God Engines. Getting Hugo and Nebula nods (not to mention pretty good sales numbers) for something that is entirely different from what I usually write is a very nice feeling. And I was delighted when people sent me e-mail which went “I just read The God Engines. Do you need a hug?” Thanks, folks, I’m fine.

6. My guest star appearance at the Minneapolis w00tstock. Because I’m a nerd and a ham!

7. Losing weight and becoming healthier. It does actually make a difference in how I feel about myself.

And a couple of things on the other side of the scale:

1. Kodi passing away. It’s a terrible thing to lose your dog.

2. Stargate: Universe being canceled. Sad for me, more sad for others, and especially sad when you think of the stories that Universe had yet to tell.

3. Doing things I can’t tell people about. This isn’t exactly a negative — and you’ll understand why when I can tell you about the things I’ve been doing — but it is more than a little frustrating. From all outside appearances, my 2010 creative output has been fairly small: A few short stories and editing Clash of the Geeks. But in fact I’ve been busily plugging away at a number of things, which have made me really happy, work-wise. It’s just when people ask, I can’t specify, which I suspect sounds like me saying “I’ve done nothing all year but kill virtual zombies.” Honestly, I didn’t just kill zombies. Be that as it may, to the extent I do any new year’s resolutions at all, my resolution for 2011 is to work on a whole more writing. You’ve already seen my intended writing schedule.

But overall, on a personal level, the good of 2010 more than outweighed the bad, and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2011 brings.