The End is Near

For 2010, that is. The rest of us should probably continue on as usual. That’s just a suggestion. Why, in some parts of the world, it’s already 2011! And they seem to be doing just fine.

I’m signing off for the rest of the year. See you all in January.

Just Arrived, 12/31/10

It’s the last Just Arrived of the year! In order of me grabbing them from the pile:

*Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love, Andrew Shaffer (Harper Perennial): A slim nonfiction book which assures you that all the great philosophers couldn’t get dates, either — or, in the case of Rousseau, got off on flashing women in alleyways. Oh, Rousseau. So nasty, brutish and short, you are. This one is out on January 4.

* Counterfeit Magic, Kelley Armstrong (Subterranean Press): A new novella set in the world of Armstrong’s popular books Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic. It involves a supernatural “fight club” scenario. I am Jack’s lycanthropy! Out now.

* The Running Dream, Wendelin Van Draanen (Knopf): A teenager track star has to reassess her life when an accident causes her to lose a leg. This YA is out on January 11, and Van Draanen will be contributing a Big Idea piece around the same time.

* Ghost Country, Patrick Lee (Harper): Lee’s follow up to his bestseller The Breach features his heroes racing to avoid an apocalypse that will end with billions dead (and, one assumes, the survivors severely inconvenienced). This out came out last Tuesday.

* Demonstorm, James Barclay (Pyr): The third book of the Legends of the Raven series, in which we learn that just because you’ve won a great victory doesn’t mean your enemies won’t still try to get at you. Enemies, they’re persistent that way. Also out January 4.

* The Company Articles of Edward Teach, Thoraiya Dyer/Angaelian Apocalypse, Matthew Chrulew (Twelfth Planet Press): Ooooooh, look. This is paperback done in classic “Ace Double” style, for which I have a constitutional weakness. And one is time-travel pirate story, and the other has Jesus in a flying saucer! This is out — in Australia, although the publisher will send it to you if you live elsewhere in the world.

* Eternal Prey: The Gods of the Night, Nina Bangs (Avon): It’s predators versus vampires, and no, not the predators from the science fiction movies, ancient mystical predators that live in the souls of certain humans. I’ve looked into my own soul and found an ancient squirrel. I am disappointed in myself. This came out on Tuesday.

* Citadel, John Ringo (Baen): The follow-on to Live Free or Die has humans squaring off against various aliens who are just plain pissing them off. Because this is a John Ringo book, and that’s what they do. One day John Ringo will write a delightful, delicate romantic comedy and heads will explode. But not today, or on January 4, which is when this one comes out.

* Machine of Death, edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo & David Maliki (Bearstache Books): The conceit of this anthology is that the people in the various stories know how (but not when) they are going to die. The deaths range from “Cancer” to “Flaming Marshmallow.” I don’t think I would like to die from the latter, or indeed by any variant of a marshmallow. And if I did, I would expect the survivors to lie. Contributors include my old college pal Erin McKean, “Yahtzee” Croshaw, Gord Sellar and Randall Munroe. Out now.

I have more books in the pile but they’re just going to have to wait until 2011, I’m afraid.