The First Sunset of the Year

Here you go. I’m posting this from my phone, so the photo might be a bit wonky, size-wise. If it is, I’ll fix it when I get home. Nice way to start the year, though.


A Quick New Year’s Note About a Book Which Doesn’t Exist

First: Happy 2011, etc, etc. You know the drill.

Second: I’ve been getting e-mail from people in Canada who have been getting e-mail from, the Canadian version of Amazon, which reads as such:

Dear Customer,

Customers who have purchased or rated books by John Scalzi might like to know that Big One is now available.  You can order yours by following the link below.

Followed by a link to an page for the book.

Don’t order this book. It does not exist. I didn’t write it, and it’s not currently on my schedule to write. If you order it, presuming takes your money, you’ll be getting nothing but air.

So why does have it in its system? Well, a number of years ago, I contracted with Tor to write a two book series called The Big One. For various reasons, it never got written, and the contracts were repurposed to other projects (Zoe’s Tale being one of them). must have put the book in its system years ago and not got around to removing it. So now it’s popping on the site and in its mail alerts.

I do apologize for the confusion even though it’s not my fault, except for the most tangential of reasons (i.e., I didn’t wind up writing the book). Nevertheless, don’t order the book. You’ll be disappointed, I’m afraid. Sorry, Canadian fans.

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