Mmmmm… Babylicious

Look what we found in the cabbage patch!

Okay, so we didn’t find the baby in the cabbage patch. We don’t even have cabbage patch. We once grew lettuce in the garden, but all we found in the lettuce garden was, you know, lettuce. This baby came as part of a package deal when friends of ours came over for visit, bringing their infant with them — which Krissy immediately took possession of, because she does love her some baby.

And before you ask, no, we’re not planning on any more ourselves. We did our time in the baby trenches. The best thing about visiting babies is that you get to give them back to the parents for things like diaper changes and feedings. Which is to say, all the fun of a baby without all the work of a baby. And that makes this the very best baby of all!

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  1. That’s why I tried to find a way to skip directly to “grandparent”, but it turns out that you really do have to do your time in the baby trenches first.

  2. That’s one of the great things about being an aunt or uncle who lives close to the parents — you get the fun of the baby without the work every time you visit! You can also bring the kids noisy gifts for birthdays or holidays and not have to deal with the (direct) consequences. [It may result in indirect consequences, when you’re not invited as often, but that’s a risk you may want to take.]

  3. Steve @2: Indeed, the indirect consequences, i.e. annoying the hell out of the kid’s parents, is part of the point of giving them noisy gifts!! ;-)

  4. Dude, thats all it takes… now you’ll have to have another. I vote for Apollo Scalzi!! (get in there and man up)

  5. Being done with the babymaking myself, but still fond of the little tykes, despite that, I thoroughly sympathize.

    Cute little ‘un.

  6. I’ve got a one-month old at home, lots of folks are using her as an “other person’s baby.” :-)

    Hey, if it means I get 5-10 minutes to myself to grab a snack or a shower, I’m not complaining

  7. …you get to give them back to the parents for things like diaper changes and feedings.

    Not to mention paying for braces and college!

  8. I don’t suppose Daisy was standing off to Krissy’s left when you took that photo, was she? I’ve never seen anything draw a baby’s attention quite like a dog with a wagging tail.

  9. You want to know about baby trenches? We had twins. You couldn’t even alternate late night/early morning feedings! Uphill both ways, bare foot, snow storm, etc… 8)

    Cute kid.

  10. Another part of the why grandchildren/nieces/nephews/friends’ babies are so wonderful is that when you are with them you are WITH them, not necessarily cooking for them or trying to keep to your routines or worrying about paying for the things they need. And there are few things more fun than that.

  11. I often describe myself as being the “Evil Uncle.” I love to spoil my niece (age 8) and nephew (age 11) rotten, give them all sort of things that I know my brother and sister-in-law would prefer I didn’t — and once I have caused all sorts of chaos and destruction, I hand them back and go merrily on my way.

  12. I got to chase one of those around on Christmas day. Being a Great-Aunt and seeing my big sister turn into a grandmother is quite amazing.

  13. Aw come on John you’re almost old enough to join the Geezer Dad Club. It’s a lot of fun and we don’t even charge dues

  14. Greetings from the baby trenches. Well, the toddler and preschooler trenches. One likes to sing the alphabet (wrong) and the other likes to make pork chops in minecraft.

    I also provide “biological clock mitigation” services by lending out my little ones to various aunts of child bearing age, a service much appreciated by their man-folk, who are COWARDS too FRIGHTENED to face the horrors of the trenches.

    You are not a man unless you’ve been vomited on, “exorcist” like, at 2am.

    Also, single guys, you think a puppy gets the chicks? Roll into a coffee joint with a two year old who proclaims in a loud voice “I sleep bandit!” Yes, it’s a useless superpower.

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