Elfman-Related Gloatination

I tweeted today that I had received a signed Danny Elfman CD in the mail today, which precipitated the usual “pics or it didn’t happen” response, so here: My signed Danny Elfman CD. CHOKE ON IT.

(It’s possible the “pics or it didn’t happen” was actually regarding the toe I stubbed today, which I thought I might have broke, but I assume no one really wants to see an ugly purple toe of mine, and if you do, dude, you’re creepy.)

The CD arrived because I had ordered this, a limited numbered collection edition of music box celebrating 25 years of collaboration between Danny Elfman and Tim Burton. It had originally been advertised as being available in December, so I got it as a general Christmas present for the Scalzi family, since we’re big Elfman/Burton fans around here. But then production snafus pushed it back to February, so as a nice make-do for the people who had already ordered the thing, they put together an additional disc, had Elfman sign it, and sent it off early. And here we are.

As I noted on Twitter, this is actually the second signed Elfman CD I have; the first I got way back in 1990 when I interviewed Elfman as part of a movie junket for Darkman, which he had scored. I didn’t know he was going to be there and had coincidentally brought his solo album So-Lo with me to listen to while I drove. So it was a happy accident.

And now you know the stories of both my signed Danny Elfman CDs. Clearly, the highlight of this day, and any other day you might have. Ever.

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  1. Oooh, shiny. Also pricy.

    Also sold out. Which may be a good thing, at that.

  2. @.@


    Christopher@2: Pricey, sure, but I think you could recoup the expense by taking the zoetrope around the countryside on a pony cart and giving shows for a nickel.

  3. Kitty@#1: Sarcasm, I pray.

    John @ 0 : So are you an Elfman fan from the Boingo days? And if so, have you seen The Forbidden Zone? And, if so, have you been able to unsee it yet? LOVE that movie for how bad it is. Best watched while under the influence of something. Or multiple somethings. Cause it was probably created that way.

  4. I guess I just find it odd the the set of people who read Scalzi’s blog and the set of people who haven’t heard of Elfman would intersect much, and certainly not in the first comment. That’s all. I envy you the opportunity to catch up on his work (or discover what you’ve already heard):

  5. The shadows are all wrong. That picture is clearly Photoshopped.

    Anyway, Danny Elfman’s music is vastly over-rated.

    And these grapes are horribly sour.

  6. You’re going to force me to dig out my Only A Lad LP signed by the members of the band. (Yes, I know that it should technically be the EP, but you use what is available in the moment).

  7. I had not heard of Oingo Boingo before, and I don’t watch The Simpsons or Tim Burton movies. However, the music box music is absolutely delightful, a refreshing change from the Gypsy music played in our home.

  8. Thank you #12, Ian Wright!

    Scalzi, I think you’re cool, man, but Danny Elfman is the worst composer on the planet. Then again, “singing” the Simpsons’ theme at the top of my lungs never fails to amuse my children, therefore Elfman must be some kinda weird god.

  9. Huh. I thought he was Jenna Elfman’s father-in-law, but he’s her uncle-in-law. Whaddya know.

    @Sean Eric Fagan, #5–


  10. I knew there was some reason I kept coming back here. Apparently its so I can be insanely jealous on a regular basis.

    Off to dig out my Oingo Boingo cds 8)

  11. You sir, suck. You suck so much that you could suck down an entire christmas tree, big end first. Decorations and all. On the rare occaisions that you aren’t sucking, you blow.
    So how great is it? Spill.

  12. I am INCREDIBLY jealous. Oingo Boingo is at the top of my favorite 80’s music and I’ve enjoyed Danny’s film scores although I miss the older music.

    If you’re ever in socal while they’re playing, you may enjoy catching Dead Man’s Party performing.


  13. And here I thought I was cool for acquiring a pristine original copy of So-Lo on vinyl. Not signed though. *sniffle*

  14. Trivia: So-Lo is an Oingo Boingo album released as a “Danny Elfman solo album” for contractual reasons.

  15. My 13 year old daughter had to come up with a ‘savings goal’ for a girl guides badge and she decided she wanted to spend most of her accumulated hoard on the ‘Burton-Elfman-Soundtrack-Zoetrope’ thing, and the $US:$AU makes it possible. She was motivated largely by the Burton exhibition recently in Melbourne (did you see it John?) and also maybe by my youthful dream of growing up to be a composer of movie and Tv soundtracks and themes.

    I’m delighted (and she will be) to see the autographed disk is on it’s way!


    We’ve been wondering about the autographed disk

  16. Oingo Boingo appeared in “Back to School” as themselves playing “Dead Man’s Party” at Rodney Dangerfields party. (other cameos include Kurt f’ing Vonnegut).

    They also played the title song to the movie “Weird Science”.

    Among others.

  17. omg i just got home from out of town.. my fiance had ordered it in october and i got my cd today feb 13 but i saw the email informing him that i would be getting it.. sadly my fiance passed away but im happy that the one thing he wanted me to get is for sure getting here… :) btw im a huge huge huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge tim burton danny elfman fan!!! <3

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