Taos Toolbox Accepting Applications

Walter Jon Williams has promised to strangle to death with his bare hands anyone I choose in return for my services asked me if I would, through the goodness of my own heart, and with no other consideration at all, remind science fiction and fantasy writers of his Taos Toolbox writers workshop, a two-week master class for advanced aspiring writers (and those who have already begun to sell), featuring Mr. Williams and Nancy Kress as instructors. As the site text notes:

Taos Toolbox will be a “graduate” workshop designed to bring your science fiction and fantasy writing to the next level. If you’ve sold a few stories and then stalled out, or if you’ve been to Clarion or Odyssey and want to re-connect with the workshop community, this is the workshop for you!

This is not a workshop for beginners. We won’t teach you correct manuscript format or what an adverb is and why you shouldn’t use one, because we’ll assume that you already know. We want to concentrate on giving talented, burgeoning writers the information necessary to become professionals within the science fiction and fantasy field.

Though short fiction will be enthusiastically received, there will be an emphasis at Taos Toolbox on the craft of the novel, with attention given to such vital topics as plotting, pacing, and selling full-length works.

Applications for the current year are currently being accepted; click here for all the details. And good luck.

8 Comments on “Taos Toolbox Accepting Applications”

  1. Don’t. Use. Adverbs.

    Got it.

    What about Gerunds? Besides providing Beowulf a cool monster to fight, are they really needed?

  2. So I can tell the right friends about this… when is it, more precisely than 2011? (I really did just spend 5 minutes looking.) It’s probably very obvious, but I am overlooking it. If you hadn’t mentioned that it was two weeks in duration, I don’t think I’d know that, either.

  3. Sam — it’s July 10-23 (and as far as I can tell, the info is on the front page, but not on any of the logical sub-pages; I spent a few minutes searching, too).

    Also, I recommend that everyone read the endorsement page, particularly the final item. It says volumes about what Walter is capable of.

  4. Dagnabbit, by the time I discovered Nancy Kress lived right here near Rochester, she wasn’t here any more. Now I have to go all the way to New Mexico to see her? T.A.N.J.

    But then again, it -is- New Mexico. Hmmm.

  5. Dude. I swear that wasn’t there a second ago. I swear! OK, in confession, I clicked every single link I could find there after following the “click here for all the details” link. (Curriculum! Faculty! Accomodations! Endorsements! Applications again! Contact!) except the one, you know, going to the Home! page. Or the giant, 60-point “TAOS TOOLBOX” banner. *facepalm*

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