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SF/F Authors/Editors/Artists 2011 Award Pimpage Post

As I posted my own SF/F Award-eligible works yesterday (see here if you somehow missed it), I figured I’d also open up a thread for other creative folks to note their own eligible works from the last year to Whatever’s readership. Because, hey, the more you know about what’s out there, the more informed your […]

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The 2011 Big Idea Open Call to Publicists, Editors and Authors

As Lauren Beukes’ Big Idea piece earlier today suggests, The Big Idea feature is back for 2011, and is a fine way to share a little about your latest books. If you’re an author, editor or publicist wondering how you can get a book on the schedule, this informational FAQ from last year is still […]

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The Big Idea: Lauren Beukes

Another new year, another new year’s worth of books for the Big Idea! And to start us off, I’m pleased to help you make the acquaintance of Lauren Beukes, whose latest book Zoo City takes you to a world where people have animal companions who are more than just pets — they’re something magical (and […]

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Life in Half Tone

My mother-in-law cleared out some drawers today and came across a couple of my old newspaper columns, which she sent home with Krissy. So I uploaded one of them so you could get a kick out of me with hair. This particular column is date June 11, 1995, so I would have been 26 in […]

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