Oh, Look, a Poll is currently running a poll on the best science fiction and fantasy novels of the last ten years, with the top ten at close of polling (on Friday) to be written about in appreciations, etc. You can nominate as many novels as you choose.

I’ll note that Old Man’s War is currently number eight, with 40 votes, which makes me wonder WHY YOU ALL HAVE FAILED ME SO. I’ll just sit here. In the dark. At number eight. That’s not even bronze. That’s, like, tetanus-laden rust.

(Note: Please don’t actually stuff the ballot box on my behalf. I just like to pretend to complain about my ridiculous good fortune in overly-dramatic tones.)

And more seriously, if you’ve got science fiction and fantasy books you’d like to nominate as the best of the last decade, head on over and make your recommendations. I’ll be interested to find out what eventually makes the cut.


This is Dumb

Did you know that Monday tends to be my business day, professionally? In addition to my “No Internet until quota” policy — hit my quota at 10:30, incidentally, thanks for asking — this is the day I write my column, and today I also did work for a consulting client, doing SFWA matters, and sending off the usual flurry of business e-mails to various and sundry folks. Why, it’s almost like having a real job! Except that I can still be in a bathrobe at 2:30pm. Not that I am, mind you. But I could be.

But my busy-ness means I’m off being busy rather than posting here. Sorry. In lieu of a post at the moment, allow me to send you to this Slate article, which makes a point about why a new proposed bill intended to restrict violent words and images when applied to government officials is in fact a pretty stupid idea, and not just because there’s that whole First Amendment thing we have here in the US.

I would certainly be pleased to see the political rhetoric toned down a bit; trying to legislate it is a sign you’re really missing the point.

Back later.

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