Daily Archives: January 13, 2011

Engaging in Flagrant Bipetuality

That’s right! She’ll pet both dogs and cats! At the same time! And she doesn’t care who knows it! SO THERE.

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The Big Idea: Wendelin Van Draanen

One of the things I personally enjoy about the Big Idea series is that often I get to learn about the origins of the books here — the seed that take root and grow into stories, sometimes against our will. For The Running Dream, author Wendelin Van Draanen found her inspiration on the road, quite […]

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Obama Tucson Speech Discussion Thread

Folks have asked for a thread to talk about the President’s speech last night in Tucson (as well as the entire gathering in general), so, okay, here you go. Chat away. I’ll probably have more to say about it later, once I’m done with today’s writing quota, but for now I’ll say that my general […]

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Snow Day Snaps

Because family fun is better with a thick layer of flaky frozen water!  

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