Engaging in Flagrant Bipetuality

That’s right! She’ll pet both dogs and cats! At the same time! And she doesn’t care who knows it!


30 Comments on “Engaging in Flagrant Bipetuality”

  1. I usually make it a martial arts reference. “Two cats technique!” when it’s just my Maine Coons at home, “Two pets technique!” when a friend brings her Shiba-inu over.

  2. It’s a false dichotomy, this Dog-or-Cat person nonsense. Any person of sense and taste loves them some small (or not), fluffy companion animals of either kind. Except at 5 in the morning, when they pat you on the nose because they want some scratching. Idiot cat.

  3. If there is petting going on, dogs want in. It’s that sort of thing that leads to bipetuality, and must be stopped. Think of the children!

  4. You’ll notice Daisy makes it as convenient as possible for Krissy, while Zeus expects her to work to demonstrate her love.

    A story as old as time.

  5. If she walked off, still petting them as they accompanied her, would that be bipetal locomotion?

  6. Sometimes I look at these happy cozy pet pictures, and how gorgeous the cats are (I love cats) and how loving and sociable and soft and fuzzy the dogs are, and I become really insanely jealous of people who don’t have insane levels of pet allergies. :-(

  7. Somehow, I think if Daisy could talk, at this moment it would be something like – “I love you, you must love me. I’m lovable, right? I’ll lick your face if you want.. just pleeeeeese pet me some more.” If it weren’t for the fact that dogs are very tolerant of us when we’re feeling the need for their affection and attention, their need for our affection and attention might be just a little annoying. Still though, if everyone in the house is mad at you, even if your dog is mad at you, your dog will still plop her face in your lap and remind you that you are loved.

  8. This gives me the courage to come out of the closet myself. I, too, am bipetual. I especially like petting a dog and cat at the same time if the dog and cat are snuggled up to each other. It’s moar cuterer.

  9. Glad to see that my household is not the only one with bi-petal tendencies. Now I don’t have to look for a support group to come out to. Whew.

  10. I imagine that Daisy’s tail is a lethal weapon. My old cat would sit on my lap, use his paw to grab my hand and then place her head under my hand in a blatant demand to be petted.

  11. When my parents ended up with 1 dog and 2 cats I realised that no household should contain more dogs and cats than there are hands to pet them. Which is a bit of a problem right now as there are 2 cats, 4 dogs and 2 adults…
    When I visit I end up with 3 dogs wanting petted at the same time, which can get painful.

    Or has someone banned bipetuality? Is it illegal to pet more than one animal at a time?

  12. Tully@24,
    The third pet should climb onto your shoulders, allowing for mutual head-butting.

  13. Michael@5 – our family dogs couldn’t stand it if some of us hugged withOUT them. They just had to push their way into whichever hug was going on.

    I applaud your wife’s ability to reach out across the aisle, err, sorry not a political thread. :)
    reach across the pet divide….yeah, that’s it.

  14. i don’t think i really comprehended exactly how big daisy was until this picture. she is very tall, isn’t she?

  15. At least she’s using the correct hands. The left hand is the left hand of dogness.

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