Snow Day Snaps

Because family fun is better with a thick layer of flaky frozen water!


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  1. Funny enough, when you posted this I was listening to “Eyes of a Child” by Fernando Ortega. It made looking at the pictures very pretty and very classic. Try it.

  2. Enjoy uour daughter while you can, John. They grow up all too quick. It seems like yesterday that our two daughters were that age…and now they both have kids of their own. Remember the song “Sunrise, Sunset” from “Fiddler on the Roof?” All too true…

  3. My daughter also makes lump style snow art instead of the traditional piled balls. She also has a similar hat but blue with white decorations.

  4. Wait…you’ve got, like, maybe 3 inches of snow there, and your daughter has a snow day?? And here I was thinking that Ohio was the Real Midwest…

  5. Waitaminit. I thought you said it was a snow day. You guys cancel school for *that*? Here in Iowa that much snow doesn’t even get you a late start. I thought you guys lived in Central Ohio, not Alabama.

    Looks fun though. We haven’t had a single snow day here in Eastern Iowa yet this year despite getting several snowfalls in excess of 4 inches.

  6. Loved the utterly cute shot of Daisy leaping.

    I also wondered for a moment what happened to Zeus and the other cats. But then am I right in thinking cats don’t do snow frolicking?

  7. Sometimes, in rural areas like John’s, school is canceled not only because of actual snow fall, but because of road safety for buses. If a bus route isn’t cleared, a superintendent might close or delay the school day. Similarly, if in the morning, the snow fall is heavy or especially windy (wind chill is a factor if kids have to stand without shelter), school may be closed in anticipation of white outs.

    The things you learn when you move to a farm town.

  8. My daughter has been out of school due to snow now for the entire week. We just got the official phone call they canceled tomorrow as well, she’s started referring to it as Winter Break 2:The Reckoning :)

  9. @Cassie:

    Yeah, my wife got to miss two days of school because the hilly rural roads hadn’t been cleared, and we only got about as much snow as John did. I’m just glad we’ve not had an ice storm so far – IIRC a couple years ago we had something like an inch of ice on the ground and power lines.

  10. daisy certain is a happy snow dog, isn’t she? my lucy loves the snow as well. she digs her nose into a pile and throws it up into the air and tries to catch it. :)

    oh, and tell athena that is an awesome snow blob. :)

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