And Now, Something to Send You Into the Weekend

From here. Enjoy.

8 Comments on “And Now, Something to Send You Into the Weekend”

  1. I didn’t think much of this song until I visited her site and read about how she did it… WOW!! She recorded a 6 CD set, by herself, no instruments, only her voice, in one year, while working, commuting and doing all those things that ordinary humans do… my hat is off to you!! Great job!

  2. An impressive project indeed. I want to like this, but it lacks much of what I enjoyed about the original. The angst is just not coming through in stereo, if you will.

  3. P.S. I like The Smiths’ (original) version, too, of course. ;-) But it’s not my fave (which tends to be the first version I hear, though not always).

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