This is the 6,000th Post on Whatever, So Obviously We Must Have a Picture of a Cat

There, that takes care of that.

I’ll note strictly as a matter of accuracy that this is merely the 6,000th entry currently posted on Whatever; the extant archive only goes back to March 2002, which means that there’s currently three and a half years of entries, going back to September 1998, not on the site. One day I will go back and put them back in, which is to say, pay someone else to do it, because doing it myself would be a pain in the ass.

But until that frabjous day, look: 6,000 posts.

28 Comments on “This is the 6,000th Post on Whatever, So Obviously We Must Have a Picture of a Cat”

  1. God, we’re going to have a lot more cats when that archive is done, aren’t we? Congratulations on the longevity. This was hard to type with only one space between sentences. Dammit.

  2. The lighting is all wrong. It should be the head of the Glorious She that’s bathed in radiance, not her…uh…tail quarters. This won’t do at all.

    But congrats on the 6000 and all that.

  3. Jeff @5. Dude. Really. A lot of us have really nice monitors, and enjoy tasty beverages like Merlot. Causing red wine to spray on the nice monitor is rude. Issue a beverage alert next time, you goit! :D

  4. O Great Scalzi, what a great picture of Her Most Glorious Shimmering Radiant Perfection.

    It took two weeks of unbearable tripe but you finally kicked off 2011 in acceptable fashion. We cannot remember if it has taken this long in years past to get to Worthwhile Things and we are unmotivated to research the issue. The Executive Committee will presume your default state of poor performance and extreme disappointment. We can hardly go wrong with that.

    You have chosen the wrong piece of furniture for this image. Her Softly Glowing Radiance has over-illuminated the white fabric and it is too visible. Other than that, composition is decent. Your title, however, is wrong and needs to be fixed:

    1. Nobody cares about the number of tripe-filled posts you have written.
    2. It is not a picture of “a” cat. It is a picture of Her, Magnficent She from Whom All Wondrous Things Flow, the Beauteous Ghlaghghee.

    Nevertheless, it is an acceptable effort.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  5. we should have a chang who is not chang fan club. :)
    that said, what an awesome picture of her highness. she looks quite unimpressed, though.
    congrats on entry 6,000 and may you have double that number still to write.

  6. LOL @21 and @22. Though I appreciate a good cat picture as much as anyone, I look forward to them more on Whatever, just to see what chang who is not chang will post.

  7. Too visible??
    I was about to volunteer for the Chang Who Is Not Chang ghan club until I heard that comment.
    Too visible…ghghghght.

  8. Ironic that the pic of the (yes, most gorgeous) cat is filed under uncategorized…

    Just saying…

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