Music For a Sunday Night

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Because I’m apparently on a Petra Haden kick tonight, her and Bill Frisell’s version of Coldplay’s “Yellow,” which depending on your tastes may be better than the original. It’s from this album, which is excellent overall, and also includes this heartbreaking version of “Moon River.”

While I’m on the subject of “Yellow,” I’ll tell you a story about that song, which I thought I’d already recounted, but which a quick trip through the archives says I haven’t. One night I was having a dream in which I was playing guitar, and I was working through a version of “Yellow,” and everyone around me started singing along. And after we were all done, I said, wow, I’m glad you liked what I was doing enough to join in. And someone said, you don’t understand. We weren’t joining in; we were trying to drown you out.

I wonder if other people have dreams like that.

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