Dogs and Cats Living Together: The Continuing Saga

Ghlaghghee has decided that it’s probably fine to lie about with the new dog.

Zeus is not so sure.

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  1. Are you sure its not just a coordinated effort? The dog and cat trip you at the top of the stairs, and Zeus finishes you off when you land at the bottom.

  2. How did you get this miracle to occur? I have a very friendly black lab mix and my girlfriend would very much like us to adopt a cute little kitten that she has already picked out a name for. I dread the day my pup discovers this new addition to our family and have no clue how to prevent her from deciding this fluffy ball of cuteness and claws is food.

  3. Ok, what is it about animals that they lie down and get totally comfy asleep in doorways? Right where those silly humans keep wanting to walk… I finally convinced the damncat that quietly lying down behind my feet as I stand at the kitchen sink is a Bad Idea, but not before tripping over him and nearly killing us both, and more than once. Daisy probably makes more noise lying down, but she looks harder to step over.

  4. Gal:

    For the first two weeks you have to be around to remind the dog not to hug the cat with its teeth. Once that’s done with, the dog and cat will take it from there.

  5. Gal, if you can borrow a cat or bring your dog over to someone’s house who has a cat, do that and see how “curious” the dog is about the cat. See if “No!” gets them to leave the cat alone for a while. The thing that would be a red flag would be if the dog gets kind of “wound up” around the cat and “no” makes them leave the cat alone for a while, but the dog remains wound up, and eventually goes back to the cat all wound up.

    a completely domesticated dog is capable of killing a completely domesticated cat if they don’t get “no” means no and if they think the cat is either something that must be chased or a “toy” to be played with in some way. It’s rare with a friendly dog, but how a dog relates to a cat when they’ve never seen a cat before can be an unknown.

    labs are generally friendly and energetic and usually not aggressive, so shouldn’t be a problem.

    do a controlled test in a controlled environment and see how your dog reacts.

    If they get “no” and they eventually lose interest in the cat, then like John says, a couple weeks of training and a dog crate when you’re not around should do it.

  6. Moar cuterer! I love the look on Daisy’s face. My dogs do the same thing–ears slightly back, looking away, like, “The cat is near me and I get in trouble when I look at the cat and by the way it’s really embarrassing all the other dogs are going to think I’m whipped.”

  7. Zeus is just shy because he knows he doesn’t match the carpet as well as the other two. (You’ll know this is true if he explodes with shedding in the next 24 hours. To make things match, you see. Go, Zeus.)

  8. Additionally, whenever I see the expression “Dogs and cats living together” I hear Bill Murray shouting it in my head.

  9. Hmm… That explains the voice of Tom Waits in my fridge saying “Zuuullll…”

    Who the hell is this keymaster, anyway? And why are my lawn gnomes suddenly looking demonic?

  10. Looks to me like Ghlaghghee has perhaps recruited Daisy as muscle for that nagging Zeus “problem”…

  11. Zeus: I think we’d better split up.
    Ghlaghghee: Good idea.
    Daisy: Yeah… we can do more damage that way.

  12. It looks to me like Zeus is saying, “Have you two tripped him yet? No? What are you waiting for?”

  13. What, no Chang Who is Not Chang meltdown. This place is slipping.

    We got a new dog a few months ago. A male Corgi/Pomeranian cross with a very submissive nature, which comes in handy when living with 5 Main Coons. Hell, four of them outweigh him. Once the alpha male and female taught him the rules of the house, everything has gone fine. They still don’t like his infrequent barking but this morning I found him on the bed, sleeping on my pillow while one of the 22 lb males slept on my wife’s pillow. The lamb shall lay down with the lion, and the lion will sleep right through it.

  14. I suspect it’s just a surveillance tactic. One asset remains close to the target, the other asset remains at a distance.

  15. O Great Scalzi, how nice to see Magnificent She again so soon.

    The other stuff? Not so nice.

    We have decided to let you realize all on your own how many mistakes you have made with this image. Hint: Rancid Dog Thing is visible.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  16. Googling “Chang Who Is Not Chang” brings up only 2 links in the first hundred hits that are not on Whatever, but those are links to a Whatever page. I find this suspicious.

  17. Trust me, I am not he.

    And yet, you seem to be in possession of some information. At the least, you appear to know that Chang (but not necessarily also Chang) is male.

  18. I keep reading the post as saying that Ghlaghghee has decided to lie about the dog, and wondering what falsehood she may be spreading.

  19. i’ll admit it. i came back before going to bed just to see if chang who is not chang posted a comment. :)

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