Monday (Barely Still) Morning Update

Hope you survived the weekend without me. And if you didn’t, I don’t suppose you’re reading this anyway. And now, some quick updates of things and stuff:

* First, hey look at this:

At the moment, the German version of Metatropolis is the #1 science fiction book on Amazon Germany, and their #26 book overall. Why? Well, because it’s a fabulous book, I suppose. And also possibly because a very positive review of the book just popped up on Spiegel Online, Der Spiegel being the German equivalent of Time magazine. That doesn’t suck (here’s a Google Translate version of that page). It’s nice to see the book doing well in the world, or at the very least the German-speaking portion of it.

* Second, I had a lovely weekend as always at ConFusion, which for those of you not in the know, is a science fiction convention up in Troy, Michigan. I’ve mentioned before that I consider ConFusion to be my “home” convention since it was the first non-Worldcon convention I ever went to and also because I have so many personal friends who attend it. The guests of honor for the weekend included Paolo Bacigalupi and Cherie Priest, so it was nice to hang out with the two of them and all the other folks. The only sad thing about it was that Krissy wasn’t able to attend, because she and Athena were both ill (they’re both better now). But there’s always next year, and next year the Guests of Honor will include Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Hines.

Speaking of Pat, here’s a picture of him and me, taken by Cherie:

Some of you may wonder why it is Pat appears to be nibbling on my ear; others of you may be wondering why I’m wearing a crown. In both cases the answer is the same: Dude, you had to have been there. It made perfect sense at the time.

* Third, I’ve had a frustrating morning with technology. For the second time in the last couple of days Google Documents is falling down on the job for me, and both times in the same way, which is that it’s refusing to use the formatting settings I’ve applied to it. Combine that with a couple of other technical glitches (most notably, on the Cr-48 at least, the visual positioning of the cursor several spaces over from where it actually is, making editing a genuine pain in the ass), and a) I spent the morning fighting with software more than writing, which is annoying, and b) I’ve decided for the moment to port the current novel out of Google Docs and into Microsoft Word, which at the very least does not fight me when I want to indent a paragraph.

I don’t know that this means that novel writing on the Cr-48 is a totally failed experiment, because in fact I’ve gotten a very substantial chunk of the novel done using it, and I’ve also gotten over the “I need to be on my desktop to write novels” thing I had going. Both of these are good things. But it is a reminder that until “the cloud” — and the services that run on them — can get out of your way and just do things like resident programs and applications can, it and they are going to continue to be second-place solutions for seriously getting work done.

And because my morning productivity has been blown by fighting with tech, I’m now off to try to get a little of that creative writing done before my daughter gets home. See you all later this afternoon.

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