Some Late Night Music For You

“Over the Hillside” from The Blue Nile, off Hats. Man, I love that album.

Good night. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Amazing, even though you were in Arlington and I was in New Jersey in the early ’90s, we apparently went to the exact same record store. (Only way I can explain how you keep tossing up links to obscure early-90s alt-rock bands that almost no one has ever heard of, and I keep going, “Hey, I have that album!” Hmm. Hothouse Flowers? The Ocean Blue? Tanita Tikaram?)

  2. I always thought I and my college roommate were the only people that had ever heard of The Blue Nile. Nice to see so many appreciative comments. Regarding the Linn connection in #7, IIRC the original Blue Nile record was put out by Linn as a showcase of their equipment.

  3. How extraordinary. I’m a huge, enormous, dedicated fan of the Nile. Am currently reading “Nileism”, a book of their history, and am having an immersive night. “Walk” and “Hats” played, “High” now on.

    My husband passed me the link to your post just this minute.

    Music of the highest quality. Enjoy – it has punctuated my life for the past 15 years or more.

  4. Awesome album. One of the best recommendations I ever got from a record store clerk. We’re still friends 20 years later. Thanks for sharing again.

  5. Thanks for the consistently worthwhile musical suggestions, kind sir! I had never heard of this group until I saw the post, and I bought Hats shortly after listening to this song. I enjoy your occasional songs and musical pieces that you throw out there!

  6. Kudos!!!…Most folks have never heard of this outstanding album, and the best cut off of HATS to boot!

  7. Listening to it now.
    Haunting – perfect soothing theme music for destressing at the end of a hectic week.