Convention Announcement

Charlie’s mentioned it on his own Web site now, so I’ll mention it here:

I will be a substitute Guest of Honor at Minicon 46, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 22 – 24. I’m stepping in for Charles Stross, who is bowing out because of “medical issues affecting a close family member.” I hope you’ll all take a moment to think good thoughts for Charlie and his family.

This appearance was unexpected and I wish could have happened under different circumstances; nevertheless I am very much looking forward visiting Minnesota, which has some of my favorite people in it. As far as I know this will be my only visit to that fine state this year, so if you’re in the area and would like to see me, this is where and when to do it.

See you there.

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  1. Also, before anyone asks, even if I had specifics relating to Charlie’s situation I wouldn’t share them here, so a) please don’t ask, and b) please respect Charlie’s and his family’s privacy in this matter. Thanks.

  2. Good thoughts for Charles Stross and his family. I hope it is resolved favorably soon.

  3. John, I met you in Montreal… you took a few moments to humor myself and my girlfriend’s questions and conversation. I’d hope that you would grace Minicon with your presence someday, but it’s disappointing that it is under these circumstances. Charlie will be missed at the con, but I wanted to tell you that I, for one, am excited you’re stepping in. Look forward to seeing you in April!

  4. Minneapolis is a pretty cool city. Spent a couple weeks there about a decade ago for a job. Manager decided to end the visit by taking everyone out to dinner. First three restaurants had huge wait times, so we bailed. The fourth place turned out to be an extremely expensive french restaurant.

    I have to say that in all my years eating midwestern beef, they had the best piece of beef (filet mignon) I’ve ever eaten.

    I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it. And it was many, many moons ago, so I am not even in contact with anyone who would know the name. Some googling and looking at the pictures of Vincents vaguely looks right. I remember walking in the front door and it was a two story dining area, with a balcony/second floor towards the back. Which is what the pictures of Vincents looks like. Shot in the dark, but might be worth it. If good beef is your thing, that is.

  5. A week before, have a thread about where to eat in the Twin Cities, telling us what you want (or don’t want.) The Mediterranean Cruise (sadly moved to Burnsville) has great food and belly-dancing on weekends. Rainbow Chinese on Nicolett is either best or second best Chinese in the Twin Cities. My favorite place to eat, at the moment, is Peninsula Malaysian Cuisine, also on Nicolett. None of these are likely to be close to the con headquarters, which can have advantages. The latter two not far from Uncle Hugo’s.

  6. All my best to Charles Stross and his family. I can only hope (and it’s a small “hope”, at that) that this “family medical situation” is something he and his family have had time to deal with/prepare for, as opposed to a sudden, unexpected medical emergency. Neither are any fun, but at least the former isn’t a complete shock to those involved. And I’m not trying to “pimp you for details”, John. I have my own medical issues to deal with; I understand about dignity and privacy. Just pass along that I’ll be keeping him and his family in my thoughts.

  7. Hmmmm…I haven’t been to MiniCon in years…perhaps now is the time to start going again…

  8. I hope everything ends up okay for Charlie and his family.

    Of course, Minicon is on Easter weekend, and we generally have plans to visit my sister’s family over Easter in Madison. *sigh* Family, or geekery. Family, or geekery. Decisions, decisions.

  9. Like Robin, I have not been to Minicon in many years. Now I have a great reason to revisit! This will take my mind off of not being able to do Worldcon in Reno this year. A great way to celebrate my birthday that weekend!!

  10. Looking forward to meeting you in the real world!

    This Minicon hotel is out in Edina sort of (pretty much right at the
    south-west corner of I494), which is a modest drive from the
    restaurant collection on Nicollet Avenue (which is good enough that
    their promoting it as “eat street” has actually caught on some).
    Rainbow there is okay but I wouldn’t place them in the top Chinese
    restaurants in the city. Tea House is one of the top ones, and
    there’s one down at 85th St. that has a very good Dim Sum (and Jun Bo
    over on Nicollet and 77th does too).

    If you really want to find the best restaurants, ask Bruce Schneier or
    Karen Cooper.

  11. I look forward to meeting you again, though I wish this wasn’t how it came about. (I was at your author roundtable at Montreal, but I don’t expect you to remember me. I don’t remember anyone else who was there, after all.)

    If you’re staying through Monday, there’s a traditional post-convention lunch sushi expedition to Sakura in St. Paul. Transportation can be arranged if you need it.

    Will your family attend as well? (The usual Minicon GoH arrangemnt includes the spouse or SO, with the rest of the family as negotiable.)

  12. I met you at Uncle Hugo’s a few years back and got a few signed by you — I didn’t bring my whole stack, however. It’s that weird Minnesota Guilt. I didn’t want to be selfish. Maybe I’ll finally bite the bullet and attend my first con this year and bring the rest. Hmm.

    Got to disagree with htom @5 — Mediterranean Cruise is pretty blah. My brother lives not far from there, and when we did go, I was pretty underwhelmed. Don’t know if they’d have you staying in a hotel downtown or not, but if so, I can make tons of recommendations — since 2002, I’ve always lived within a mile of there — either in downtown proper, Northeast, or Uptown.

    Greg @4 may be thinking of Murray’s — it’s hard to get a reservation there, but the steak is to die for.

    It’s too early to make tons of food/sightseeing recs now, so ask again closer to the con.

  13. Sigh. All these mentions of Minneapolis make me want to grab War for the Oaks off the shelf.

  14. Does being a ‘substitute guest of honor’ mean that the conference attendees will shout during your geometry lesson and do their best to make you leave the room in tears?

  15. Best wishes to Charlie and his family.

    You’ll be in the same state which harbors PZ Myers (good) and which elects Michele Bachmann (wtf), so your presence temporarily sways MN to the positive side of the ledger.

  16. I was first turned on to “The Old Man’s War” at a con in Minneapolis two years ago. Seems fitting that my first real opportunity to meet you will be there as well. All the best to Mr. Stross and his family. For him to know this far out that attendance is unrealistic means that it’s something quite serious. While not under the most positive of cirumstances, I’m sure we’ll all enjoy having you attend the event!

  17. Hopefully, there will be a signing at Uncle Hugo’s, the World’s Greatest Science Fiction Book Store.

    Oh, what a joy that would be!!!

  18. If reliable restaurant recommendations are a priority for you, note that a few years ago Minicon’s restaurant guide was nominated for a Hugo (related work).

  19. WIll you try to mimic Charlie’s accent?

    If not, will you at least wear a pretty princess pink hat?

  20. The quotes around “medical issues affecting a close family member” imply that the real problem is more along the lines of being indicted for insider trading, or possibly being on the run from a bounty hunter from the future.

    However, it would be in poor taste to note this, especially given that the situation could be bad enough that those would be welcome alternatives.

  21. If you do a book signing at Uncle Hugo’s–which you totally should do!–just across the street, in the International Market Square, is a Mexican seafood joint which I can never remember the name of. The reason I can never remember the name of the place is because the food is so good, it nearly blinds me in ecstasy.