Oy, Monday

Because I know you were wondering, Monday is my busiest work day, generally speaking. There’s the book quota, which will may or my not take me up to noon, and then when I’m done with that I shift to the column, which needs to be finished by five pm. In between that I’m fielding e-mails and taking care of ancillary personal business, and now, at a little after 7pm, I’m going through my SFWA-related stuff, of which I am, I regret to say, a little behind and need to catch up.

All of which is to say, this is my excuse for making the first post of the day at 7:20 pm.

Mind you, I prefer this sort of situation to the alternative. I remember what it’s like to have all too much time on one’s hands. This is better.

Anyway. How was your Monday?

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