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How to Piss Off a Bunch of YA Authors

It’s easy, really: 1. As a feminist magazine, create a list of “100 Young Adult Books for the Feminist Reader,” as Bitch magazine recently did. 2. Include Margo Lanagan’s really fabulous book Tender Morsels on the list. 3. When someone complains in the comments to the list that Tender and a couple of other books […]

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February One Notes and Reminders

As we at the Scalzi Compound prep ourselves for the second half of Icepocalypse ’11, I have a few notes to get out there today, mostly involving things relating to science fiction. 1. If you were thinking of applying to the Clarion writing workshop this year, at which I will be teaching for a week, […]

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The Big Idea: Andrew Lane

Everyone knows what Sherlock Holmes does — he’s a detective, he detects things, thanks to his amazing powers of observation and his near-encyclopedic level of knowledge about even the most trivial of things (which become more than trivial when he applies them). But then there’s another question about Sherlock Holmes — one that author Andrew […]

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Welcome to the Deadly Ice Planet of Death AKA February

It’s not much to look at, admittedly. It’s the mundane ice planet of death. But those apparent bald patches of lawn there are actually encased in ice, thick enough that Krissy and the dog both had difficulty¬† walking across the lawn this morning. The roads are a mess, school is canceled and Krissy is staying […]

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