Krissy Gets Icy

Krissy grabbed the Nikon and took some pictures of the ice — you know, before the true brunt of the storm hits us and the polar bears come from the north to eat us all. You can see her pictures here.

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  1. Say, isn’t the Game of Thrones miniseries supposed to premiere on HBO soon?

    I wonder if this weather is a marketing stunt. If any cable network can pull off weather control, it’s HBO.

  2. Maybe you’ll get “lucky” and get invaded by grolar bears – or even armored bears! (I know, they’re fictional. But still awesome.)

  3. Woah, I thought it was cold in the UK right now, but you’ve topped that! Great shots though. Simple, but nice composition and really effective.

    I agree with you about February. It’s the angel of death…

  4. We only got about 1/4 of an inch on everything in Columbus. Just enough to make it look like it’s not that big of a deal until you try to step on it and end up doing an amateur version of the triple axle.

    Those pictures were great, too.

  5. By the time they get across the lakes them bears will be stuffed with Canadians. It’ll be weeks before they’re hungry enough to bother you.

  6. I hope that your trees make it through this. That much ice isn’t good for anything, including the dog.

  7. I like the iced brains shot. I mean, what could be better than eating brains? Eating crunchy brains, of course!

  8. Those ice brains look like Metroids.

    Freezing rain sucks. We aren’t getting an icepocalypse up here in Edmonton, but the weather decided to take a break from the -20C weather for a few days last week to RAIN on us (RAIN! in JANUARY! in EDMONTON!). That slicked everything up nicely for a day or two, until it warmed up to +8 and melted about half of the 3 feet of snow that fell the previous week. (Well, it didn’t _all_ fall the previous week, just most of it.) Which of course left lakes everywhere, which froze. Guh.

    I don’t wish this stuff on anybody, and that ice storm’s got to be 1000x worse. Hope everyone down there stays okay!

  9. I was going to say, “wow, if you’ve got a good hill nearby, with the thick ice crust the sledding will be insanely awesome.

    … and then I remembered you’re in Ohio… so I grieve.

  10. Actually, we live on a hill, and the grade in the back yard is steep enough. However, there’s a couple of inches of snow beneath the ice, so it’s not structurally sound.

  11. #19 by Jeff Zugale:

    Speaking from experience (decades ago), ice sledding is insanely awesome but ice rash is insanely awful. Also, dramatic wear and tear on sleds & clothing.

  12. Freezing rain is murder on power lines; and restoring power in those conditions esp. in rural areas is not easy.
    Stay safe and stay warm.

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