A Small Compensation

Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t post again today. Sue me.

Besides, I know you don’t want to miss this: What you get to do when your entire yard is encased in ice.

We also did this on the two big hills on the back side of the house. Tons of fun. At least until the frostbite hits.

24 Comments on “A Small Compensation”

  1. Awesome. I’m in Butler County and did this with my kids today. Absolutely perfect, because by stomping down through the ice crust you can walk easily without falling, but by NOT stomping (or by sitting on a sled) you can slide for hundreds of yards without slowing down. I’ve never seen such perfect conditions for sledding.

  2. Grew up in Colorado — fondly remember sledding. And now that I’m a creaky old lady, I’m really glad to be living in Berkeley, where it never gets 20 below. It’s all good…

  3. Wow, I am jealous .. as I sit here in shorts and t-shirt. I know it’s cold and miserable there, but it certainly looks fun.

    Darned Florida weather

  4. … this is the first time I’ve availed myself of an opportunity to hear Mr. Scalzi’s voice.

    It was not what I expected. I’m not sure what that says about him, or about me.

    Stay warm, kids and kids-at-heart.

  5. I can’t decide if Athena or Daisy is more excited! It’s great to see them romping together.

    My own mutton-head is crashed out on the couch, and cannot be bothered to romp cutely in the snow.

  6. What I love most is that the dog is all like, “Yeah! let’s go again!” despite not actually being the one on the sled.

  7. Yes, I remember things like this when I was growing up in Kansas. I could start off at the top of the hill at the back of our yard and pick up enough speed I could go almost a half mile down the side of the street. Then there was the time I rolled up enough snow to make a life size VW Bug snow sculpture. Of course, now I’m complaining that the high here in Phoenix is only 45 degrees today!

  8. This is my idea of hell. I’m glad I’m living in a place where we haven’t even had a light frost for about three years, even if that means we have to dodge the floods and cyclones.

  9. I used to love sledding. I’m more of the picture-taking mom now. Just like this video. Way too much climbing back up the hill to do it again and again. That’s what children are for. They have the energy. Love that Daisy has joined in.

  10. Cool. No 1000 feet of vertical like we get at the Skummit ( or Sierra Summit, or China Peak-all the same) but then no 3 hour ride either. I remember sliding down hills in Aptos on cardboard. Man that was fun. Family time makes it all worth while.

  11. I did this last year on a dead-end street that was ice-cased. The incline wasn’t very steep at all, and it was very long, so I never expected to make it to the bottom. I did though, and had to bail to keep from hitting a bank of plowed ice at ouch-inducing speed. (I was riding my sled superman-style, and didn’t think it prudent to use my face as a brake). So. Much. Fun.

    I recommend the superman position–it really feels a little bit like flying. Just don’t do it on any hills that snowboarders have gotten to first, or you might hit one of their invisible ramps and kill your spine. My brother’s fiance found that out the hard way.