Hey, Look: Fanties!

In case you were wondering what those creatures, featured in both The Last Colony and Zoe’s Tale, might look like.

Those of you familiar with the Subterranean Press limited editions of my Old Man’s War series will recognize the artwork as Vincent Chong’s, and a terrific job he’s done of it. This will be one of the interior illustrations for the upcoming SubPress edition of Zoe’s Tale, whose cover I’ve already burbled about here. The other interior decorations are similarly awesome. You can nominate him for a Hugo, you know. I’m just saying.

22 Comments on “Hey, Look: Fanties!”

  1. Surely I’m not the only person who saw “Fanties” and thought of something that doesn’t look at all like an animal, or a person, or anything that isn’t worn around the naughty bits.


  2. lol. I thought the same thing will did. Those must be underwear sent by fans, but why is he posting a picture of elephants?

  3. @2 – yeah, same here. I came to the comments specifically to see who else thought that. :)

  4. That illustration is neat but totally doesn’t match my mental image of the animal I read about. I’d also be interested in knowing if it matches what Scalzi imagined.

  5. They are a little different than the minds eye but are pretty close. At first look, I thought Vincent had made a mistake and forgotten that the native animal equivalents all have four eyes.
    Then I looked closer and saw them, directly below, shadowed and smaller.
    Gots to get them details right doncha know…

  6. Pretty!

    By “pretty”, I obviously mean “That’s an aesthetically wonderful representation of one of the ugliest critters in the known universe.”

  7. Wil ++, and not what I expected. I thought they were much more upright, kind of like an octopus.

  8. Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: [greeting the twins] Fanty. Mingo.
    Mingo: He’s Mingo.
    Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: He’s Fanty. You’re Mingo.
    Mingo: How is it you always know?
    Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Fanty’s prettier.

  9. My god, Vincent Chong is using up all of the amazing. That’s incredible.

    @Wil – Sure, we all thought it, but nobody else *said* it . . .

  10. Keri@14, there are a couple of scenes in the movie that really stand out as favorites. That one is near the top. soon after that scene is another one: “Do you know that girl?” “I really don’t.”

    Wil@2, When fancy panties you say you fancy panties thought of something entirely fancy panties different than an animal or fancy panties person, I’m not fancy panties entirely sure I understand where fancy panties you are coming from.

  11. Very cool picture. Gives me a reason to re-read all three (four?) of your “Old Man” novels. Yes, I do that sometimes, and it’s been 2 years since I read the first couple, so I don’t remember much anymore.

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