The Sun Is, Like, Totally Watching You, Man

So watch out. I’m just saying.

9 Comments on “The Sun Is, Like, Totally Watching You, Man”

  1. Honestly, I’ve always known the sun was trying to kill me. This is just additional proof.

  2. Well it bombards us each day with a ton of radiation. I always knew it had it in for the human race. Watch it go all supernova and burn all of us.

  3. I am reminded of John Dvorak when I read your posts with CAPS and italics and such. John would bolden things in an unguessable pattern that no one — least of all John, I think — ever understood the rules for. You, however, use yours for emphasis and other grammatical purposes. I LIKE IT.

  4. Dagnabbit, the whole Eye of Sauron thing was already taken.

    …it’s the Eye of…the eye of…the eye of a blinking thing. That is…orange! and blinking! so a lemur? yeah! it’s the eye of a one-eyed lemur stalking through the forest! that will eat your brains! and maybe take your lunch money. So an intelligent, one-eyed zombie lemur that has cause for needing lunch money. I think I just scared myself.

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