The Sun Is, Like, Totally Watching You, Man

So watch out. I’m just saying.

9 Comments on “The Sun Is, Like, Totally Watching You, Man”

  1. Well it bombards us each day with a ton of radiation. I always knew it had it in for the human race. Watch it go all supernova and burn all of us.

  2. I am reminded of John Dvorak when I read your posts with CAPS and italics and such. John would bolden things in an unguessable pattern that no one — least of all John, I think — ever understood the rules for. You, however, use yours for emphasis and other grammatical purposes. I LIKE IT.

  3. Dagnabbit, the whole Eye of Sauron thing was already taken.

    …it’s the Eye of…the eye of…the eye of a blinking thing. That is…orange! and blinking! so a lemur? yeah! it’s the eye of a one-eyed lemur stalking through the forest! that will eat your brains! and maybe take your lunch money. So an intelligent, one-eyed zombie lemur that has cause for needing lunch money. I think I just scared myself.

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