In Chicago(land)

And here is the obligatory “photo from the hotel window” to prove it. Beyond you see the majestic 294 West freeway, and the parking lot for the mall which has attached itself to the Westin Chicago North Shore, which is where I am because that’s where Capricon 31 is, for which I am author Guest of Honor. If you’re in the Chicago area and were wondering what you were going to do with your weekend and/or swore that you would attempt to assassinate me if only I were within a hundred-mile radius, well. That’s your weekend sorted, isn’t it.

Now to catch up on e-mail and to make sure the folks in yesterday’s political thread haven’t set fire to each other. Excuse me —

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  1. Because I love being pedantic, I’ll point out that I think that’s Lake Cook Road in your photo. 294 would be on the other side of the river and woods to your right (in-laws lived in Buffalo Grove back when my wife and I lived in the city — we’d drive past that corner every couple of weeks or so.)

    We also had our wedding reception just half a block NW of where you are, at the Chevy Chase country club.

  2. Phillip beat me to point out that is Lake Cook Road, so I guess I’ll just add to the left across the street is the Ram Brewery. They do have some good beer and I’d buy you one if I wasn’t out of town on business this week. I live about two miles from the hotel.

  3. Isn’t john a teetotaler? A cup o’ joe may be better suited.

    I wonder if John will ever make his way up to Anchorage?

  4. Gah. I’m so tempted to come as a birthday present to myself (the 11th), but Wilmette to Wheeling with public transportation and 2 feet of snow on the ground is a bit rough. Also, 15 degree weather.

    Stupid winter.

    I wonder if a bus shoots down Lake Cook from Northbrook Court mall…

  5. Wouldn’t it be easier to assassinate you by building a robot in the future and sending back through time? You know, rather than trying to get through Chicago traffic.

  6. You’re right by Pete Miller’s restaurant, you should check it out if you have time. Great food.

    I’d come if I wasn’t working all weekend. However, I’ve already paid for Chicon7, which I believe you’ll be at.

    Have fun in Chicagoland!

  7. A lesser-known gem is about 1 mile north on Milwaukee, a little shop in a strip mall called Bagel Bin that has the best bagels I’ve ever tasted.

  8. Ten miles south-southwest is the Prospect Heights Public Library, which (starting in the late ’50s) developed a fine, fine and future-warping SF section. Many’s the reader (and a few writers, too) transformed by the collection amassed by Mrs. Borland and Mrs. Wells. ‘Danger: Dinosaurs!’
    South a little bit on Milwaukee is Bob Chin’s Fish House. It was wonderful 20 years ago; I hear it’s only gotten better.
    There was a theatre at The Chevy Chase 50 years ago; a skinny kid from the area, Jerry Orbach, made his professional debut there. Yeah, Lenny Briscoe was really from Waukegan.

  9. Tempted to come if I don’t get called into work Saturday but bah, never been to a con alone! Damn my local friends’ mainstreamish ways.

  10. I’m a stranger in these parts, but glad to be here. # 8 – I will gladly give the Bagel Bin a try.
    Our illustrious Author encountered a weighty problem during the opening ceremony, but managed a well balanced response. Kudos Mr. Scalzi, kudos.

  11. I’d like to thank everyone for identifying Scalzi’s correct location. I was going to go to the wrong hotel — I thought the Westin he’s at was south of Willow on Milwaukee, but I too recognize Lake Cook Road/Milwaukee intersection in the picture. Now I can stalk him without wasting a moment of extra drive time.

  12. “the majestic 294 West freeway”

    The mighty Illiniois Tollway Authority will be by to collect the $1.60 you forgot to pay on your way north from O’Hare. I-294 (“The Tri-State Tollway”) is pay as you go from the Cheeseland border crossing all the way to Hoosierville.

  13. John,

    Have someone take you to Johnnie’s while you are there. Best Italian Beef in the world. Like the Double-Double Animal Style of Italian Beef. And Lemon Ice!

    I’d like to confirm that the Capricon P.O.D.S. seen to be, once again, placed as far as possible from the hotel while still being on the property. I hope I’m wrong.

    You will have a great weekend!


  14. I can’t help but notice the neat visual effect of the reflective windows of the taller building mirroring an opposite horizon, giving the illusion the horizon in the photo is unbroken. Very cool.

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