Capricon Waves Farewell

An image from you from the closing ceremonies of Capricon — I told them to wave goodbye. Some of them took it less seriously than others, clearly.

Hope you had a good weekend as well.

13 Comments on “Capricon Waves Farewell”

  1. They’d have taken it more seriously if they’d seen the glow in the doorway from the alien ship come to kidnap them after you left…

  2. I notice the closing ceremony looks somewhat weighted in favor of women. Is this a tribute to your general studmuffinliness (will your wife be meeting you at the door with a hug and a bat’leth?), a statistical artifact, or a trend among science fiction fandom?

  3. @TheMadLibrarian — not to question John’s studmuffinliness, because he’s certainly a stud muffin, but that’s an accurate reflection of Chicago fandom. I’m intellectually aware that in general fandom males traditionally outnumber females significantly, but the Chicago scene doesn’t really seem to follow that trend.

    It also makes me laugh to note how many people I know in that picture, from close friends to ‘Hey, you there with the face …’ I wish we’d been able to make it to Cap this time around, but the finances just wouldn’t justify it. I’m glad to know that you had a good time and hopefully we’ll catch you the next time you’re here.

  4. Thanks for dropping by my birthday party.

    But about the birthday card. Is it okay if I stalk you in a way that doesn’t involve dolls or knives?

    (It’s alright, I know the answer, AND I don’t want to be set on fire.)

  5. Familiar is one way to put it. I recognize two people in that pic. I don’t actually know who they are, though I suppose I should remember because it was a smallish game developer conference I was at (1 of 2 I’ve been to in my life) where they seemed to be in every room I was and couldn’t shut up.

    Its a small world after all . . . and then my head explodes.

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